christmas, part II

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I will say this, Utah is kind of the place to be during Christmas. It really makes you feel like the hallmark holiday card, or all of the classic Christmas movies you watch every year. It really sets the mood and its just flat out jolly! Really though, the cabins were all spaced out enough to where you felt as if you were in the middle of no where, but they were close enough to where you'd wave to your neighbor as they flew by on their snow mobile. The aspen trees were so beautiful and white, I could not stop taking pictures of them for the life of me. It really was as if we were living in a winter wonderland. We were far way from the town and in our own little world with jolly people. The streets were always filled with packs of snow mobiles and kids sledding down the streets. One night, I took a walk out side to take some pictures and all the way across the field were a bunch of log cabins lit up with smoke coming out of the chimney and I could hear them blasting "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" and for a second I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was not real life. But it was awesome. 

We did everything under the sun; the zoo and I built a snow igloo for the kids and they LOVED IT! We went snow mobiling which I vow to never do again, or at least not do on my own as I was left BEHIND and my snow mobile was flying BACKWARDS down a major hilly road as I was flooring on the gas. So that was fun. We met up with all of the cousins and hit up Soldiers Hallow in Midway, Utah for some tube sledding. We went snow shoeing and watched my dads traditional christmas movie which has now become one of my favorites, "It's a Wonderful Life." My dad LOVES that movie and it was always so hard for him to get us to watch it when we were little. I don't know why I ever had trouble with it seeing as how I LOVE Jimmy Stewart, Classic films and the black and white, but for some reason, it was a struggle for me also. But it always meant a lot to him if we sat down and watched it. So this time, I made sure to really tune in and of course I fell in love with it. I plan on watching it every christmas with my dad, even if it's just the two of us, because it's special to him, therefore it's special to me. I plan on carrying that tradition with my little family and Im sure the day I have kids they'll have no desire to watch it, so i'll be just as satisfied watching it on my own. 

This Christmas Vacation really was a dream come true. I look back at it with a huge grin on my face and wish I could go back and relive every moment being with my family. 

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