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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Well, a snow storm is heading our way tonight. Gee, I am so enthusiastically excited. Im laying on some pretty thick sarcasm as I am so done with winter. Boots, don't get me going on boots. I know boots are cute, whether it be Hunters, Sorel's or Frye's, but I want them outta ma life. They are killing me. Hefty, bulky, bruising my heels, they are not my friends. I have never been a boots person. I guess you could say, I choose comfort over fashion when it comes to my shoes. I am a nut over sandals, flats, flip flops; anything that let my toe cleavage breathhhh. So with that said, I'd give anything for sunny weather to let my feet breath in some j.crew coraline patent flats. I'm also really ahead of the game and I can't stop myself from day dreaming and planning my Southern Summer Bash Im gonna throw. Im gonna cook ma closet friends some homemade southern/cajun grub under the stars with fabulous decor and blossoms and all I wanna do is sit in my living room while watching "Celebrity Ghost Stories" and make a pom pom chandelier for the decor. And after I whip up that chandelier I wanna get a fixin in the kitchen and whip up Mamma's Banana Cream Pie. I guess I could do that right now, but it's not the same fixin' these lovely desserts in the dead of winter. I want my trees limbs climbing into my kitchen window, please. And what I would give to let my armpits breath in a nice loose blouse where my arms can soak up the golden rays. I'd prefer this tsumori chisato blouse but when I saw the price, I tossed my head back and laughed. That will never happen. The only thing getting me through these months is the fact that I can still paint and bring color into my life. I just put a name to my favorite abstract painting, I call it: "tropicana lush." Is that lame? It just sounds really delicious to me. Any hoo, for those of you drowing in the dead of winter, how are you surviving? Hope you aren't a poor sport like me. Bring on the weekend. 

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