yes spring, i will bow down to you.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

why? because your sunny rays are ever so warm.
my skin is slowing bronzing.
my miss penny lane is able to spin her pretty butter yellow wheels again.
popcorn is popping on the trees.
i now believe that my "green grass" crayon is named after green grass for a reason.
and i get to spend time out of the house with
my little nikki sue.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

i just want to begin this "whatever" post with the fact that i think i have really great looking parents. i mean really, they sizzle.
a modern doris day married to a silver fox.
besides that kind note, these two superstars are on a cruise right now.
without me.
and no invitation.
so in behalf of their absence on easter, and their sailing of the sea i said,
"whatever, i'll just treat myself and dine at the Grand American easter buffet in downtown salt lake city."
and that i did.
and i felt like true royalty.
and really bloated afterwards.
so take that donna and brian.
i dont need no royal Caribbean cruise line to feel a dash of royalty.
my buffet was a dynasty. oh yes in deed.
p.s. this is merely a joke. im really not mad about the cruise thing. but i really did eat at the grand american easter brunch buffet. i dont joke about that kind of stuff.

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