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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When I look at a calendar, I don't make a list of things to do, I make a list of main events that I am just beyond excited for that occur during that month. For instance, the month of January, I'll tell you what happened, aside from starting another semester of school - nada. Not a dang thing happened, and with 31 days to spare, I have been dying. We've had about three to four major hazardous snow storms and well, that's about it. Actually, I can say, January has been a month of improvement as far as my eating habits and exercise go. I've been on the grind and I can't wait to take my February 1st photos and compare them to January 1st. Dont fear, I keep those photos private.

But now that February is actually this week, I am just itching for the main events to come during these next twenty-eight days. To kick off the month right, with love, my friends and I are throwing my friend Kristi a bridal shower. She is getting married in March and I can't wait to be a part of the wedding and take a vacation to California for the main event! She will be quite the stunning bride. I've already seen her engagements and about passed out. She be lookin' gooood.

And then, of course how could any of us forget, it's valentines day. The zoo and I take turns every year to "be in charge." I'm feeling rather lucky that he's in charge of Valentines Day with our first year of marriage. Im off the hook baby! For our first Valentines Day when we first began dating, he surprised me and decorated my bedroom as though it were a restaurant and served our favorite grub at the time, 'Slab Pizza', and then presented me with my gifts, which were all homemade and a costco box of Otter Pops. He stole the show. I've never had a guy go all out for me like that before, and it was in a genuine way, and that really knocked me off my feet. So, I liked it so much, that I ripped him off and did the exact same thing a year later when I was in charge, except my decor was rockin' and I switched up the menu with our now and forever go-to grub, 'Bombay House.' Although, I do think we are both a little burnt out with the homemade restaurant ordeal, so I am really excited to see what the zoo has in store this year.

And the one event that I'm going to wet myself at, my first art show in Salt Lake City. I had a conference call tonight giving more details about the whole shebang and I am nervous. I don't know why. I'm pretty confident with my work in the sense that I don't really care what others think, as long as my work pleases me then I am calm as a clam. But if people verbally give me their opinion and it's negative, I don't take their criticism lightly and I want to keel over in a ball and die. So I just hope people are nice to me and save their negative opinions until they walk away when I'm not around to hear. I've never put myself in this kind of spotlight so I'm both anxious and excited. Nonetheless, it's going to be great experience no matter what.

And last but not least, to wrap up the month of February, my beautiful Nicolette will jet out of the big apple and land in the happy valley, to keep me company, stay in my bungalow, eat and eat and eat our favorite local grub and plan her wedding! YAHOO! I haven't seen Nik since my wedding, and this is the longest we've gone without seeing each other. It's weird adjusting from her being my roommate for three years to all of a sudden living across the United States of America. Im not diggin' it but what can you do? So I'm not gonna waste anytime that she's here, but I will be loosing a lot of sleep, as we are both major night owls.

Oh, and one more side note : J.Crew is finally launching their Spring 2013 Collection on the first of February and I have been waiting for this day since Fashion Week. Have you seen the Collection Line? I'm going to keel over and die when I see the price tags too.

So let's go out with a bang for January and say Aloha to February, for I am ready to rock n' roll!

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