christmas, part I

Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas was very good to me this year. Our christmas vacation was filled with nothing but family and good memories. We spent a week up in Heber City, Utah in a log cabin deep in the woods and I actually am surprised to say, I wouldn't have had it any other way. The company was precious, the food was over the top to die for, the cabin was magical and the week itself was one that will never be forgotten. I can't get enough of my family. With my sister and her family moving back home to Georgia where my parents are, and the chances of my other sister and her family moving back home to Georgia, and with the zoo and I left in Utah, this week was a little bittersweet. I am so excited that my sisters are moving back home near my parents because going home to Georgia will be even more of a blast when I go home. It does sadden me a bit that they'll all be together in my favorite place in the world, together. So I did not waste any time at the cabin. I spent all that I could with my family. I am excited for what this new year will bring for the zoo and I. Though we'll be some of the last standing it Utah, I think we can make the best of it and take advantage of the mountains and crisp air while we can, because we ALL know... we ain't living here for the rest of our lives. I am just glad that I have the zoo by my side, all of the time, to keep me company, keep me laughing and keep me happy and grateful for everything that's around me and for everything in my life.

I am very grateful for my family. I am very blessed that we will be together for eternity and that they are mine all mine. They are so important to me. I hope you were able to spend some special moments with your family for christmas. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight.

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