Am I Right? Or Am I Right?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is my one true love Leo at a young age. This is my friend Andrew who is currently in New Zealand. 
Though far from age and far in distance, they have one thing in common. 
am i right? or am i right?
okay not EXACTLY but pretty close. 
or am i just loosing my mind?

The Queen & I.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Everyone has been doing this He/She thing, 
and well I am going to do it too with my companion too. 

  1. sitting in front of the tv, what is on the screen? Oh Cali is tricky. She'll get me to watch tv just so she can sit on my lap and take a nap. She could care less about whats on. 
  2. You're out to eat: what kind of dressing does she get on her salad? Well if Cali were to like Salad I would imagine she'd like Ranch. In fact I swear she has lick it off of my plate before.
  3. What's one food she doesn't like? Cali likes EVERYTHING. She's a beast. She's also in the good eaters club.
  4. You go out to a restaurant, what does she get to drink? MILK... because she's been deprived from it since she began to get diarrhea from it. 
  5. Where did she go to High School? Oh, she was home-schooled of course.
  6. What is one phrase she says all of the time? "Meow"
  7. If she were to collect anything, what would it be? She'd collect rats, but she is very good about sharing. She surprised Jenna in bed with one one time... she's always been so thoughtful.
  8. What is her favorite type of sandwich? Tuna, minus the bread. 
  9. What would she eat everyday is she could? FANCY FEAST! Cali wants a Treat!
  10. What is her favorite cereal? She prefers fish actually...
  11. What would she never wear? A collar! My Grandma Jean bought her this dazzling red one with "diamonds" all around the collar. She'd throw a fit or bite at her neck whenever we put it on. Cali prefers comfort over fashion.
  12. What is her favorite sports team? Ohio State Buckeyes.
  13. Who will she vote for? Me, because that's who she idolizes.
  14. Who is her best friend? ME. we do everything together around the house.
  15. How many states has she lived in? Two: Ohio and Georgia.
  16. Does she have any nervous habits? Yes, she'll arch her back and gradually back up and walk backwards.
  17. What could she spend hours doing? Looking out the window or sleeping on our back porch.
  1. Sitting in front of the tv, what is on the screen? Easy: The Bachelor, Grey's Anatomy, Friends, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With the Stars, 24, American Idol, Ghost Hunters, Ellen. 
  2. You're out to eat; what kind of dressing does she get on her salad? Caesar. With an extra cup of it too. In fact, I could lick a bowl of caesar. 
  3. Whats one food she doesn't like? Coconut/Pinacolada. I wish I did! It's one of those things I try all of the time because I want to like it, but then the gagging starts and I have to remind myself that it will never come to past...
  4. You go to a restaurant, what does she get to drink? Water with lemon or if im feeling crazy, diet coke. 
  5. Where did she go to High School? Alan C. Pope High School (Marietta, Georgia)
  6. What is one phrase she says all of the time? "Oh barf." and "Man is ________ (whatever I am talking about) WOOF WOOF." really just around my friends. And "Well... thank ya very much." and to end any awkward conversations, "Yeah, so well see how it goes..."
  7. If she were to collect anything what would it be? Swim Suits. It's weird but I have a fetish/obsession with buying them. 
  8. What if her favorite type of sandwhich? Cheese and tomato with miracle whip. My Dad and I would make them all of the time. 
  9. What could she eat everyday? Cheese, cheese, cheese and most recently Otter Pops. 
  10. What is her favorite cereal? Ah.. Fruity Pebbles. I wish I lived in Bedrock. 
  11. What would she never wear? Indie. That kind of style creeps me out. Dont ask... I just get a weird feeling about it. If I ever look Indie: someone slap me. 
  12. Who will she vote for? 2012 MITT ROMNEY! woot woot!
  13. What is her favorite sports team? Ohio State Buckeyes of course. 
  14. Who is her best friend? I have many but the one who takes the cake: Ashley Karena.
  15. How many states has she lived in? FOUR: Ohio Wisconsin, Georgia and Utah.
  16. Does she have any nervous habits? Negatory.
  17. What could she spend hours doing? If I had my supplies, paint. If I had a microphone: put on my own concerts: alone, in my room. 


Friday, April 10, 2009

I really miss Georgia these days. 
It comes and go. The homesick thing. 
I really can't wait for my mama and papa to come in a couple of weeks. 
I sure miss them a lot too. 
I really cannot wait till I get to go back home for a good solid week in June. 
That's all. 
Sadly Hannah Montana made me feel this way when she went back to her roots in Tennessee. 
Yeah... I saw the movie premier. At midnight. 
I'd rather not talk about it. 
But I will say... she's not THAT bad after all...

Lovers In Japan.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

This song by Coldplay, "Lovers In Japan" can never get old. 
It's my all time favorite song in life. 
If my life were a movie, this would be the theme song on the soundtrack. 
And the music video is the icing on the cake. 

I Didn't Pay Rent Today.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I didn't pay rent today. Let me tell you why. 
Do you see this dog here?
precious huh?
no. not anymore. 
I have added a new item to my list of fears. 
just the pugs though. nothing more. 
you see, 
I was on my way to management to pay April's Rent which is located in someone's home. 
Unfortunately, a turn of events occurred. 
I park my car on the side of the neighborhood street across from the home and all of a sudden I hear a ruckus of dogs barking. 
uncontrollably barking. 
To the point where I was 1.) really annoyed and 2.) a little curious as to what was going on. 
From my window I look down and see these two pug dogs barking at my window. 
I can't get out. 
If I open my door they will jump on me. Or maybe I might nail them with my door resulting into an even bigger problem. 
So I wait. I can be patient. I'll just let these mutts do their barking, 
give them some time to realize that they don't bother me. 
wa-la. I am a genius. 
They figure it out and play follow the leader as they prance off onto the sidewalk. 
coast is clear. 
So I hop on out of my car, take a stroll across the street. 
"good I think, two days before the cut off for paying rent.
I am so on top of life."
what on earth could those pugs want now???
I turn my body around just in time to see that the pugs were not done harassing me. 
This time, they are full on sprinting.
Picture it in slow motion okay?
I am their target and they are full pledge coming at my direction. 
Tongues are hanging out like some sick creature. 
Ears are flapping. 
Not quite but close. 
Shoot... I start hauling it down the street screaming my head off. 
Screaming for life. 
I know I sound so dramatic right now but at the moment I was fearful. 
All of these horror stories of people getting attacked by dogs flashed in my head. 
I will be one of those victims. 
They are now chasing me down the neighborhood streets and the only words I can get myself to say are, 
They chase me back to my car and as I am trying to unlock it they are nibbling at my sweatpants. 
For the love of Rachel GET OFF OF ME!.
I manage to get into my car and drive off, heart pounding and all so I decide to roll my windows down and bark back at them as I lay my foot on the gas... 
Phew. I made it. Alive.
And no I didn't pay Rent today but I had a good reason as to why I didn't. 
So if you own a pug dog. 
Keep that rat away from me. 

Holy Environmentalists.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Okay, whoa. Seriously? Maybe I don't have a heart but OH MY GOSH. 
I have never laughed so hard in my life. 
I mean, yes- I love nature and I appreciate it everyday. 
But this kind of behavior is a little out of control. 
weird. scary. over the top. 
not human?

my dear old friend brad shared this with me knowing i'd get a kick out of it.
he also shared it with our friend danny and said, "These are the people that you called out in bio yesterday."

Angela Anaconda.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

whoa... youtube just took me back to childhood. 
please tell me you do.

this might tickle your fancy

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