hocus pocus

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So I did it. I put together the Giovanna & Oscar de la Renta outfits and I think I look more like Winifred from Hocus Pocus. It works though, I think. Except now I think I want to do something else instead now... I had a little too much fun with the face paint and now I want to go into something more in depth. Typical, typical, typical!

Also, I think tonight should be called Hallows-eve since it is the eve of Halloween, don't you think?!?

BATtaglia Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This is Giovanna Battaglia (on the left), one of my all time favorite style icons. I really wish this photo wasn't so pixelated but you still get the point : she's halloween gone glam! Halloween is tomorrow and I am so ecstatic! Sadly, I am not totally myself this October.  This month has been crazy, as will the next and so on forth with mixing school in and packing up for the move. I've spent all of my spare Halloween time decorating the house and planning a Halloween Monster Mash but I have forgotten about my costume! Eek! How could I forget the main thing!?

With much thought, I always keep my Martha Stewart Halloween Guide Books, but the costumes in there are just too elaborate to put together in one night - so it's that kind of year where you sort of put on anything and everything that you own and you don't know what you are - until my style icon BATtaglia showed me the way: tricks for scoring the Halloween spirit at the last minute! Yep, I qualify for that. Don't you love her painted BATtaglia mask? This is when I wish I had sleek jet black hair like Gio. I still don't know what I'd say I was with this painted on my face but at least it has a Halloween vibe to it? Does it not? I've got this black and long twenties flapper dress I'll probably put on and then paint my face like this, paint my nails black, make my eyebrows black and wear a fun lipstick color and maybe to darken my blonde hair, I'll go get some black tulle fabric and wrap it around my head like Oscar de la Rentas models during this past fashion week. I would just get black hairspray paint but I'm too scared to do that. You're probably still wondering what I'd call myself, and I still don't know. I guess I could be a gothic Halloween flapper? Or I could be a gothic fortuneteller from the twenties?  I don't know, I don't know - I just want to look like Halloween so there it is.

It's so sad that I stress over this, but it is my favorite holiday so I can't fully blame myself. We will see how it goes! Happy Hallows-eve my witches!

ma' and pa' in town for a fall weekend!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oh how I love hanging out with my parents. I really can't find a pair that is cooler than these two cats. They flew out to Utah from back home in Georgia for the weekend to keep the Zoo and I some company, and boy did we wear ourselves out!

We did everything under the fall leaves - we started off the weekend with a spooky show of "Thriller" in Salt Lake City. All of Utah is so excited for Thriller every year, so it was pretty talked up if you know what I mean. So, as excited as we were, sadly I was a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, it was a great dance show with some numbers really throwing that Halloween-vibe at me, but others left me confused and yawning, having nothing to do with the month of October! Don't be mad at me for saying so! Nonetheless, I have said over and over again every year that I would go see Thriller and I finally did, and right on time before we move to California, and I'n glad that I did!

Luckily, my parents were able to get the tail end of the leaves changing in Utah! We spent a day hiking up in Sundance to see the waterfalls and the weather was absolutely perfect! A cool fall breeze followed up by a warm and hearty meal at Sundance by the fire was what the doctor ordered. My Dad lives for Sundance. He's like a child when we go and it makes me really happy to see him in his place of dreaming - I know the feeling except it takes place on the opposite side of America and pointing South.  I will say, nothing feels more like fall than when you're bundled up in that cabin like restaurant up in the mountains eating a plate of meatloaf and mash potatoes. I'm drooling right now just thinking about it.

Later on in the week we drove through the Alpine Loop and watched football games at my Aunt and Uncles house. I'm going to miss them a lot when the Zoo and I move. Time spent with them and their kids are some of my favorite memories of living in Utah and it's a bonus when my parents are around while hanging out with them.

A part of me does fell a bit guilty for moving - my parents are so in love with Utah and the Zoo and I are the last to leave with both of my sisters back South. Now they have less of a reason to make a trip out to the place that they love, but I know that won't stop them. And though it's going to be a bittersweet move - luckily, the Zoo's parents still live here so we will be back and up around the bend here and there in the future.

All in all, it was such a treat to have my parents stay with us for the weekend. I already miss their company but it makes me even more excited to know I'll be seeing them in just a couple of weeks for Thanksgiving, as the Zoo and I are jetting back home to Georgia with the whole family! I finally get to meet my new nephew Sam! YEHAW!!

Family is really the best, especially around this time of year. I couldn't be happier. Changes are a-comin' but I am accepting them with a positive attitude and open arms! Life is good.

bungalow shop

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

If you don't know already, the Zoo and I are on to our next adventure, as we are moving to Los Angeles, California in December. With that being said, we are deep deep cleaning our home and that especially includes my CLOSET. SO, do be a lady and step into my Bungalow shop on Instagram - IG NAME @bungalowshop

Anyone can bid, just be sure to include your email address with your bid and the highest bidder I will send a paypal invoice to your email. It's all final sale and there is an additional $3.00 shipping fee! More will be added to the shop later on in the week! Enjoy!

witchy woman.

Friday, October 18, 2013

As of late, I have been bloated from apple cider and spend countless hours at night watching episode after episode of "The Munsters." Do you remember that show? It is from the 60's but it's the perfect vibe for what Halloween really feels like to me. The classic halloween music is in the show, everything is Halloween or monster related - they live in an old Victorian mansion with Gothic Medieval furniture and decor with cobwebs spinning all over the place. Not to mention the show is in black and white and to me - I don't know why, but that is really halloween to me. Anything old and classic - I feel like they understood it better back then.

The Zoo and I hit up a pumpkin patch this morning and plan on carving our pumpkins sunday night. I typically always try to out-do myself from the year before and do a carving that is so elaborate that I end up killing myself over it. Not this year, I kind of want to go more traditional and just do the classic jack-o-lantern grin. Last weekend we took my cousins to the Haunted Forest and it really was the perfect halloween vibe. The moon was full and creeping in through the dark woods as we walked along a haunted path lit by jack-o-lanterns and once again I felt like a child.

Tonight, we are going to put in a scary movie - Poltergeist. I remember watching this when I was younger with my dad and sisters. It scared the day lights out of me and its been so long since I've seen it, it'll be like watching it from the start all over again. I just can't get enough of October - it truly is one of my favorite months of the year.

Also, I think the wicked witch from the West is kind of legit.

halloween planning.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Last year for Halloween, I put together a murder mystery dinner for my friends. Looking back, it had to of been my most favorite Halloween to date in my Utah days. Although, I didn't really know how much work and money it was going to be until I was in too deep and couldn't back out. It was worth it nonetheless, and my friends had a blast but I don't plan on doing it again this Halloween.

Though, I MUST do something, as I live for Halloween! So I figured I would have friends over again but hold a little Halloween Potluck with halloween traditional games and monster mash music playing in the background. I want to make the mood spooky and eerie and light numerous candles and candles sticks and dim the lights!! BOO! I just want it to feel like halloween. And I intend on making it feel like so!

the beginnings of october.

Friday, October 11, 2013

So much black and orange and I love it! Halloween is my absolute favorite time of year, sometimes, I can't even stand it because I get so giddy over it! I always try my very best to make the month feel as how I felt as a child, or how I envisioned Halloween - or make it feel like they do in the Halloween movies.

You know as a child how every holiday seemed that much more extravagant or just a dramatic version of what it is as an adult? Does that make any sense? Well at every age, I've tried my best to not see the adult version of holidays and instead I become more of a kid again, and I go all out. I just wish towns would get more into holiday's and deck the crap out of the city, so that everywhere you went it just screamed Halloween and you couldn't escape the feeling.

So far, I have been to a fair share of halloween pumpkin patches, though I haven't purchased any pumpkins yet, because I seem to be hitting all of the expensive ones. That's when I should just go to the grocery store - but that takes all of the fun out of it. I've baked some witching hour sugar cookies while listening to halloween monster mash mixes and decorated my house with bats and spiders and witches hat garland. Sadly, my house just doesn't feel as Halloween as our old house did. That was much easier to do last year though, because we were living in that 1920's bungalow that already had a charming creep factor and so much character to work with. It's okay, I've done my best.

I have been painting A TON - with this being the last semester of school, it's a huge work load as I am really pushing myself to higher limits and this time around I am doing a large series of portraits. My first portrait is of a southern general from New Orleans and I am so proud of the turn out. I have never put that much work and detail into a painting and I am completely exhausted from it! Nonetheless, I have always wanted my own southern historical portrait and it was finished in time to hang up for Halloween and add a spooky southern mansion vibe to my home.

I've also been able to make my annual Halloween stop to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts because their Halloween doughnuts are my absolute favorite! I have to do it every year! I just have to! I still have so much left to do on my list. Tomorrow night we are doing a haunted house and watching a scary movie after. I still want to go apple picking in an orchard and we still obviously have to carve pumpkins and I can't even think about all of this - my head is going to explode! I JUST LOVE HALLOWEEN, and that's all. That's all.

calling all bacall's.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's very rare that my style icons are relevant. I could truthfully only name a few as I cant seem to steer away from the classic icons whom I gain so much inspiration from. One of which, Bogart's one true love - Lauren Bacall. I just really want to be her at times. I want her hair, which I had at my wedding, but one day wasn't enough... I need to learn how to recreate that look. Everything about her is chic, timeless, effortless and simple yet grand. I don't know why I can't achieve that vibe - I seem to always complicate things which I think is because I find myself trying too hard as of late. The whole fashion blogging world has gotten me to question my sense of style which is making me go crazy because I've always been set with my own ways and happy with them. I just need to stick to the basics like bacall and be true to myself. and that is what I shall do!

the city that never sleeps

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's true. This city never goes to bed and I love it. I'm such a night owl, so the hustle and bustle that kept going till two in the morning was more exhilarating then one could even image. Yes, it's my first time to New York City. I knew I was going to fall in love. The city did not disappoint. When it comes to traveling, even in the states, I am your number one tourist, and proud of it. I crave history, architecture, food and especially fine arts. So when I am in a city that is filled to the brim with all of the above, I go hog wild, and I do not stop. I was lucky to have the Zoo with me, who has been to New York a handful of times, but understood that as a fist timer, you must go and see the cliche things that New York has to offer, namely : the statue of liberty (we took a ferry to Staten Island, rather than Ellis as it was free and less crowded.), the Metropolitan Museum which was by far my favorite day alongside riding bikes in Central Park. The Empire State Building, 9/11 Memorial, walk the Brooklyn Bridge, go see a show on Broadway - honestly, I can't even wrap my head around all that we did because we did so much and still had time left over within our last day there.

There is magic in that city, I tell ya. It's easy to say that I could live there, especially because I don't and I know things change once you'd place yourself in a city where you'd most likely not have a car and take the subway every where you go and it's loud and you know... all of the things that come with New York. But the thought of it is sure dreamy. I've been stalking numerous accounts on instagram of people who live in New York - it's true and I'm willing to admit that. I just live vicariously through them on a daily basis.

What a great short weekend trip it was to celebrate our one year anniversary. I can't wait for our next adventure in life which starts shortly in December, as we are making the move to Los Angeles! How long we will be there? It's hard to say, but I hope it leads us back home to the South someday... but for now, while we need an adventure with just the two of us, I think Los Angeles will be cake!

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