the zoo & i

The Zoo and Rachel exchanged their first hellos in the spring of 2010 in Los Angeles, California at a Dodgers game. With not much in mind, they reconnected that following summer becoming frequent pen pals, while the Zoo was beach bumming it as a surfer in California and Rachel was kicking it in England with her parents. They covered all of the important things to learn about one another such as their favorite poptart flavor, wether he was American or not (his name is Zeke Kuch, and he did have a ponytail at the time...) and the fact that the movie "Hook" is a legendary film assuring us that we can fly, flight and crow. Later that fall The Zoo and Rachel found themselves blushing and laughing over Indian food not knowing that this typical first date would be the first of many. They are just real people with flaws like all, but keep themselves sane in the company of each other and with the sure reminder that to Rachel, Zeke is by far the Cat's Meow. 

One day, one sweet day,  Rachel and her lifetime boyfriend, Zeke will retire in a costal plantation home lined with Oak Trees dripping in Spanish Moss in the charming city of Charleston or even Savannah. Either or, they will play cards and chess lit out on their wrap around porch lit by the lightening bugs till the witching hours of the night drinking their sweet tea and cackling out loud applauding each other as to how funny they both are. They'll grow boxwoods and gardens blooming with spray roses and perfume scented magnolias. The Zoo will tend to the yard and Rachel will be fixin them beignets and chocolate pies in the kitchen.  They'll live the simple life where the peaches grow and the people talk real slow. Obviously this is all according to Rachel but with a bit-o' brainwashing, she's sure the Zoo wouldn't mind to agree of this plan. Wish her luck.

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