baby kojo.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

when i was in ghana, africa summer of 2009 i spent a lot of my time visiting an orphanage two hours away from accra. this orphanage was one of my favorite places to go to. i met so many sweet friends and found myself the happiest i have ever been while being with them. we found out about this orphanage through my friend tyler who was on the trip with me. tylers family friends in utah have been going to papers for years to adopt a baby boy at this specific orphanage. the process was very long and tiring for the couple, especially since they had never been able to visit or see baby kojo.
with that said, tyler and I, as well as a couple of our other friends were given the privilage to meet baby kojo for this family. i think we all fell in love with kojo at first glance while pulling up in the tro tro. i kind of wanted kojo all to myself.
we were all a little concerned for kojo.
he didn't look very healthy.
his eyes were droopy and filled with flies,
he had very little energy,
he seemed weak and looked younger
in age than what he really was.
despite this, he was the sweetest boy.
he never said a word.
he would just focus on you and only you.
you could tell he was desperate for attention and love.

a couple of weeks ago, kojo headed home with his new parents to the united states. i have yet to visit baby kojo but tyler has. tyler mentioned kojo's mom amy is very good about telling kojo where he came from and who he is. kojo is a completely different boy. he smiles constantly. im sure it's the most contagious smile out there. he has so much energy, maybe too much, and he is just simply happy.
tyler mentioned how the whole day before he showed up, amy constantly showed pictures of tyler holding kojo at the orphanage so that kojo could remember and understand who tyler was.
sure enough, when tyler arrived kojo ran straight for tyler, called him by name, jumped on him and gave him the tightest hug ever.
this kind of makes me want to cry a bit.
okay, this just makes me want to weep.
sometimes i like to believe this is how it will all play out
when we meet our savior in heaven.
the whole thought of it is beautiful.
i love how life plays out. stories like this really humble me.
and im on the edge of my seat to see baby kojo again.
little does he know that he changed my life a bit
and at such a young age.
life is just beautiful. that's all really.
and don't be surprised if you see a baby ghanaian
in my future family christmas card.

love you baby kojo.

ward directory blooper.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

why our ward directory decided to post this picture of em, we'll never know.
especially since she was present the day we took these photos.
we can't stop laughing. and im pretty sure she wants to die.

dear little meat,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

dear little meat,
(my sistas and i call niki little meat
because her middle name is "mignon" as in the fillet.)
im sure new york's juicy red apple is
dishing you some great grub,shows and anthro & all,
but plan b sure misses your spirit fingers
and over exaggerated reactions to stories we tell.
im also sure the street that neighbors us also misses you. you know why.
we've been counting down the days till your arrival in the happiest valley
of the entire mountain west region.
we're down to five.
i think we can hold the fort down while you stay
away a little longer. just make it fast.
we love you.
plan b & their queen.... me .
p.s. i owe you 2 fiber one bars.
but you did steal half of my kirkland water.
but i'll still repay you.

ghana, africa.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

they are on my mind today. really everyday, but especially today.

sista sista.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

i had a great night with the sistas last night.
went to see a friend of ours perform in his band.
i dont think us girls have ever been that giddy.
enough said.

happy saturday children.

p.s. we call this last picture the mona lisa.
we dont know why, but it cracks us up.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

im really, extremely happy.
overall, despite my love life.
but i am. i find myself smiling a lot. at little things.
i laugh. a lot. over little things too which tells me im happy.
or just loopy.
but im happy because im in my zone. my element.
i think i've figured school out, and though it may be a little longer till the cap & gown,
i see the light at the end of the tunnel.
and im going to go back to basics and study what i love to do.
oil painting.
i have a great group of girlfriends. for the first time, i have friends that are girls. and i don't get sick of them. i dont fight with them. i just can't get enough of them. and they are what make me really happy these days. im just really happy. for little reasons that end up making my over all life just really happy.
i can't help but repeat the word, "happy."
because im just that.


"i hate it, but i love it."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

so check it.
while back in england this past summer, i was complaining to my dad how i had to buy a new gym membership but i was dreading having to pay the something extra deposit just to do so. then my dad made a good point saying it's not even worth paying all that when i'll rarely go. though i wish he was false on this point he made, he is most likely correct. i hate the gym. i hate getting myself to drive there, i hate running next to the girl with her hair done, makeup caked on her canvas and earrings in. i could care less for the body builders and their muscle milk. i just don't do it. why? because i end up people watching instead and finding myself throughly entertained.

so my dad made a deal.
now when my dad makes deals, they are hardcore. you kind of have to give yourself time to step back and think if you really want to get yourself into whatever he's offering you. it's life or death. im pretty sure i just signed up to torture myself.
my dad so graciously bought me p90x.
im thinking, wow dad, that was really nice and generous of you! i'll just whip that dvd in whenever i feel! yeaaahhh riiggght i will.
according to brian k. robbins, i'll be dishing that dvd into the tv 6 days a week.
i'll be filling out my p90x calendar & chart 6 days a week.
i'll be a slave to tony hoo-la horton 6 days a week.
i will be crying 6 days a week.
for 90 days straight.

the due date to this suicide math equation is december 21, 2010.

and if i fail to succeed, i owe my dad every penny he paid for mr. horton to do work.
and im left with the body i began with, munching on big macs, downing cafe rio 3 nights a week, making a taco bell run right after my arby's run, gnawing on taffy & cow tails like a mule...
nom nom nom

get this.
it's day 15 with tony horton.
i haven't missed a day.
i havent chowed down like i use to.
i am in the zone.
my dad will be proud
brad masters will wet himself
(he bet me coldplay concert tickets. chum.)
and my brother-in-law jake will pay up that 50 buck.

i'll keep you all posted if i have died yet.
p.s. plyometrics are of the devil
and tony horton is my new best friend.

p90x man.
"i hate it, but i love it."
macho woman.

hi, we're married, photogenic & naturally beautiful.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

gah. my friends have done it to me again.
their weddings are killing me. im so in love with all of them.
i just chatted with my friend sara (sari) on ze phone
to find that her wedding pictures were posted by
photographer jill thomas.
sari & i would spend hours upon hours blog stalking
wedding photographers.
im pretty sure sari found a winner.
i drooled over these photographs of the lovebirds.
i can't get over how incredibly
adorable sara and dillon christensen are.
eat up my buttercups.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

made a quick trip to sonic last night for some powerade slush.
i didn't know i was going to be a female clone of brooks forrest.
we didn't know really what to do with ourselves.
good thing we sat next to each other.
its okay though, brookie is the king of fashion
in the male department.
so i guess i passed the test with stripes.
you can never have too many...

all that glitter & gold.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ah yep. today is the first day of fall.
let that glitter & gold rain from the trees motha nature.
i know i say it all of the time that i could live in a place with no seasons and just bask in the sun all hours of the day, wear nothing but my swimmies & skirts. i still say it today because i mean it. i would be a really happy camper if thats how the weather was from january to december. but living in utah is a huge reminder that i love fall. i love the coolness of the air. i love the colors throughout the canyons. i love that the weather associates with the holidays such as my one and only:
fall sets the mood for this lovely occasion.
i get really hyper just thinking about it. all i want to do is decorate bootleg 301 with cobwebs and ghouls and then treat myself to a hardy meal at sundance.
im gonna do it.
happy first day of fall ya'll.
photo from rockstar diaries

wedding fever ch-ch.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i cant stop this fever i have. im hungry for weddings.
i just want to attend one, with a dance floor and some jams & great company and get buck wild. im pretty sure ryan southwell teased me more then he knows with this preview of his latest project.

yikes. im going to be antsy until this baby is ready in action.
i think i've grown an obsession for mr. southwell's work.
what is going on here? how on earth can one person be this good at capturing moments?
cheers to you mr. southwell. i cant wait for my dreamboat and & i to be your muse.

my people.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

i feel really lucky to have such great friends in my life.
though this picture only names a few, its a new guy and im currently obsessed with this photo. its overwhelming with how many people you meet in college, how many friends come and go. how your life dramatically changes since freshmen year and though those changes are a little rough to grasp, you eventually learn to adjust and move on.

but despite all of the above i think won a great batch of solid life long friends.
im about to get real blunt, and i normally never do this on my blog, but this is the closet thing i have to a journal at the moment and im going to dish it out to you. ive been have a hard time adjusting to having people in my life from three years ago suddenly come back. maybe i wont dish out too much, but its plain and simple. people change. and you learn to move on and adjust without people. and thats okay.
its just strange how you once meant the world to someone and suddenly you become another acquaintance. im just going to shrug at the thought of it now and remind myself that i've still got it good.

im glad these ones of mine will keep me around.

im goo-goo ga-ga for the neffs.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

im goo-goo ga-ga for trevor and jenna neff.
after you watch their wedding/engagment video you'll be drooling over them too.
jenna was my roommate in the fall of 09' back in belmont.
she is the most beautiful thing to mankind.
her closet is a dream. her jewelry is a treasure box
and she LOVES to share/swap.
did i mention she's kind, loving sweet and loves to bake on a whim?
my bunk-bed buddie sara and i would wake up every morning to jenna's harp.
we thought we were at a spa in sundance. it was the most relaxing thing.
especially on sundays.
we were so spoiled living with jenna harris.
living with jenna came the accessory of trevor neff.
we love trevor neff. the kid is a stud and is such the perfect match for miss jenna.

fall in love with the neffs through Haugen Creative's videography of their relationship. p.s. might i add that i came home last night and found my roommate niki crying. i freaked out thinking something horrific happened. nope. i looked at her computer screen and there were the neffs.
this year on my christmas list, i wish for a husband.
this year, on my 22nd (holy canoly) birthday, i will wish for a husband.
until i get my way. i will keep wishing.
cheers to young love.

my main squeeze.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

aside from leo dicaprio, who has been my constant companion since my 8th birthday,
cafe rio has always been my main squeeze.
we have this relationship that is based off of so much love.
i've never tasted anything so heavenly.
rio never lets me down. never ever.
when i first came home to utah from england i made sure my first meal was mr. rio.
i was so antsy the whole day knowing i'd be spending my night alone with rio and the bachelor pad. best date ever. that is until i came home and found my house dressing pouring out of its cup into my brown paper bag. i blew a fuse. i've never scrapped a brown paper bag so desperately in my life. because of the buzz kill i decided it wouldn't hurt to redeem mr. rio. so i had another date with him the following night.
i found myself beginning to loose self control. the very next night i was standing in a very familiar line spilling my order to the hispanic man that looks like george clooney due to a free meal. who have i become? cafe rio for dinner three nights in a row?!?
really? that's sounds like a dinner routine of a champion.
i realize this behavior of mine is a little too much to handle so i've cut it down to mr. rio one night a week. typically mr. rio falls on monday nights because who likes mondays? this is a pick-me-up meal. my girls and i literally surround our monday plans around mr. rio. 7 pm on the dot, we meet, we devour, we unbutton our jeans, and we lay low.
if we're feeling crazy, we'll treat mr. rio to the park. we like to make our monday nights evenful. so this is how we work.
i don't think im pathetic.
so if you do, then i am terribly sorry.
xoxo mr. rio.
see you on monday.

wassup from apt. 301.

Monday, September 13, 2010

dear family and friends,
i thought i would give you the update of my new abode.
we like to categorize our sweet little place under the word "bootleg."
after some door knocking and neighbor hopping we've come to the conclusion that my sistas and i have gotten a little gypped. even our landlord markie mark said,
"you guys are paying way to much for this place."
i think mark hates us.
we call him every day on the dot at every hour reminding him of what needs to be fixed and that another minor detail in 301 is a little bent outta shape.
you see, i found "the morning after" pill called "plan b" between my mattresses while rearranging my room. we've now names our internet "plan b." bras and panties were discovered behind numerous furniture pieces. all of our lights have burned out. our vacuum stop breathing. the leg of our kitchen table snapped. the handle of our dishwasher is jammed. our water looks like milk. we got locked INSIDE of 301 due to knob malfunctions. even my men couldn't open the door. our couch is from 1963. you get the idea.
our bootleg love nest is kind of humorous to us.
we're actually enjoying not living in such a glamourous place. it adds a little adventure to the new school year and gives us something to talk about.
301 is kind of growing on us.
so cheers to you avenues 301,
may you continue to outdate yourself.

my friend, clark kelsey.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

meet my friend, clark kelsey.
he's the chick magnet in provo.
this video is almost proof of his skills with women.
seriously, he cracks me up.
if you women are single... i'll hook you up.

j. mayer.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

last minute i bought some golden tickets to the john mayer concert. im usually very picky about what concerts i spend my money on. ive been to some pretty epic concerts such as
U2. Celine Dion. Coldplay. Josh Groban.
i just really would like a concert that makes me a little emotional. all of the above either made me shed a tear or almost wet myself.
so j. mayer was a last minute purchase. it sounded like a good time: great company, smooth jams, and an outdoor amphitheater, summertime weather, mmmyeaah
why not?
j. mayer pulled off a great show. though it was very low key, it was entertaining. didn't make me cry or tinkle but he convinced me of his talent.
the sound of his guitar is out of this world.

although i will say. i think the best part of the night was the jam session that occured on the drive home. u2, mj and ingrid michaelson made our world go round. im pretty sure i lost my voice. in-n-out shake fixed that glitch.
gracious robby em and jt for the party.

she bangs, she bangs.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

hi blog. its been far too long.
listen, i made it out of the house sporting the bangs a couple of weeks ago. i knew i had to at some point. but i did, and the feed back was good, so i think im beginning to really like these guys. my cowlick wants to kick me though. i should have known the cowlick wasn't going to be down with the bang idea.

well my night out in the town was my last night of freedom before school kicked in.
so i said my farewells to miss jami pond before she headed out on her mission.
hit up a little mickey d's with the girls, followed by baskin robbins

and drove around in the summer night belting florence + the machine.
it was such a pretty night with two pretty girls.

this might tickle your fancy

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