michael joseph jackson.

Monday, November 29, 2010

i really can't help but constantly stalk mj on the internet.
im pretty sure mj is a part of my life everyday
whether it be my ipod, my pandora jackson 5 station
or my constant youtube videos of his most famous performances. 
i just loved this mtv 2009 awards tribute to him after his death. 
i just love that janet was a part of it
and i seriously loose it when beyonce can hardly
stand herself during mj's "scream." 
honest to goodness there are a few things in life i dream of. 
1. wont ever happen, but it was to attend mj's concert. 
it's fine, really it's fine because cirque du soleil is holding their
you're dying right now, i know... please dont buy my ticket and take my spot, i have to save up for this beautiful occasion. my life depends on it. sort of like the time my dad and i chased down u2 tickets in atlanta and they sold in a heartbeat and i cried. i was so depressed, my dad ran to best buy and bought u2 LIVE on dvd. he's a good man. either way he surprised me with two U2 concert tickets for my sister and I in salt lake. it was a great time in my life. but i do believe this could one up it, and i have to save my pennies, so whoever you are, as much as i appreciate your support of my blog... do not buy out all of these tickets. i beg of you. i also might ask you to leave my blog if you take my ticket. 
mj for life. 

2. goal in life. to be a sick dancer. oh my word, if i could move the way these dancers do...
if i could get my act together and memorize, understand and pull off all of mj's memorable dances... i wouldn't have a care in the world. i'd be groovin all day long. not that i already don't, but im pretty pathetic when i try to learn his stuff. 

all i know is that i love this tribute.
and i love mj's kit kat jams. 
and i just flat out love michael joseph jackson, 
the king of pop. 
forever and always. 

p.s. mom and dad (if you see this post, which i do hope you read my blog, i ask that this may be an early birthday present. here is the website for reservations....
if england does not allow you to upload this US website, which they most likely wont because its my grocery store right around the corner... totally ghetto too... then contact me asap) i say this with a wink and a smile. 

sweet carolina.

Monday, November 29, 2010

can you tell by our faces that we aren't ready to put up with the snow?
lexi lou and i constantly keep ourselves reminded throughout the year
of how good life is when we spend it in our favorite place on earth. 
hilton head island, south carolina. 
i'm pretty sure my friends are either really curious about this island of mine, 
or would really love for me to shut up about it. 
i talk about this place all. of. the. time. 
sometimes i even get sick of listening to myself ramble on. 
really though, once the snow has a touchdown, 
my countdown begins and i torture myself up until june. 
i surprise myself every time the first snow hits.
i end up kind of digging it, and i do enjoy the silent and still
winter nights. and weather does really make the holidays feel more alive
but holy cow, there is nothing like a good southern coast, 
with great southern people
and a peach daiquiri 
and the scorching heat of the sun. 
now you know why my main blog picture 
is what it is. i can't bring myself to update it. 

frost yourselves.

Monday, November 29, 2010

does anyone remember that crazy blizzard of 2010
that was supposed to knock utah out of the water?
does anyone remember when macy's grocery store was out of control
with shoppers believing it was the end of the world?
do you think the shoppers have forgotten that the millenium craze
has past and 2012 (the end of the world) is still a year away?
whether you ripped out the isles of your local store to prepare
for the beast or not, do you remember when it never showed up at your door?
i do. and i was livid. i was ready to live through a historic event
while eating puppy chow and watching flick after flicks. 
what baffles me is the blizzard of 2010 occured 5 days after the warning, 
with no warning at all. and i got to haul ryder my 4runner through the 
nonexistent, frosted, deadly 1-15 roads to pick up some friends at the airport. 
what should have been a 45 minute ride, became a 2 hour.
i was driving 25 mph. yeah, i know what you're thinking...
i was dying. and my arms were about to snap. my grip on that steering wheel
was dangerous and i was on a mission to make it to salt lake. 
and i did. and my mission was accomplished. 
and ryder has no Band-Aids, and my roomie nik finds my driving magnificent. 
and i was rewarded with a few tokyo drifts (doughnuts)  in the church parking lot 
with nik and robby and i was screaming my head off. 
we were cautious. don't you fret. 
i have a feeling winter is going to be hanging out with us for quite some time.
welcome winter, thanks for dropping in. 

hi my little turkeys.

Monday, November 29, 2010

hope ya'll had a fabulous thanksgiving!
i was fortunate enough for the huntsman family
to take me in for the holidays, due to family scattered all over.
we drove our way up to a beautiful cabin in park city
and ate more than i'll ever know.
i feel really sick right now, but really satisfied.
i had a really great time this holiday.
though i missed my parents a lot,
i had a great family to open their arms for me.
and for that, i am thankful.

happy gobble gobble to all of you!

drew bear is three.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

happy birthday to my favorite nephew ever!
baby drew-ba-lu
is turning a whooping three years old today!
i can't believe it, but at the same time, i can.
i love this little nugget so much.
he really is a hoot & a holler .
i can't get over how much personality he has
in that little body of his.
i love his monsterous laugh.
its very contagious.
i love his huge head.
especially when it's blonde and shaved.
i really love hanging out with drew because
he is so entertaining, and adventurous and loving.
i love when he calls me ra-ra and cringe when he calls me rachel
he sounds too much like an adult, but at the same time it cracks me up.
overall i am just really thankful to be a part of andrews life.
he's my favorite boy ever.
happy birthday my little andrew.

goodness gracious.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

i've become a jewelry junkie.
i have a fetish for gobs of gems and jewels.
brooches & bangles. i love statement necklaces
and delicate posts. i dream of a fancy collection of costume
jewelry one day in a really beautiful jewelry box
and i would like to be a very fancy 80 year old
showing off my silver & gold to the
grandkids, while they play dress up.
i just want them to ooo & all.
and that's all.

im that sort of aunt...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

i hate to brag, but im gonna brag.
my niece, abby girl is out of control with
her cuteness.
look at her twinkle toes.
i could eat them.
i love when she sucks on her finger.
and i love her eyes. i just love my abby girl.
im really happy that i am her aunt ra.ra.
that's all i have to say today.
love you abby girl.

grace & emma.

Friday, November 19, 2010

just found this picture in my wallet of my twin cousins
gracie & emma. i about died when i saw this. they turn 8 next year
and they are already full of so much personality it blows my mind.
when i saw this picture, i couldnt even stand it.
their round faces, big eyes & bows get me every time.
every single time.

tarragona, spain.

Monday, November 15, 2010

and i thought pulling an illegal triple full-down cheerleading stunt
was impressive in middle school....

park city escapades.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

park city has been a friend of mine lately.
i've spent the past two weekends up there for fun little festivities.
one of which was the celebration of my friend robby's 23rd birthday.

robbys parents and sista flew on up,
snatched a cabin in the woods and threw
one heck of a party. if you don't know by now,
my friends and i resort to dancing. it's what we live for.
we have a set playlist, with a few of our recommended
favorites and get lost in our moves. for reasons unknown,
we haven't danced in awhile. maybe it's because the thought of
a provo party isn't as appealing to us anymore...
either way, we were kind of craving a dancing moment
and the stowell's granted us just that.
robby and all of our close friends packed ourselves in the garage
and we went wild. i was seriously keeling over with cramps,
i haven't danced in so long. it was a great release of energy.
i was seriously in ma zone the whole night.

please look at jan in blue.
her legs were about to snatch
she was dancing so hard.
i hope you all will let yourself let loose
like this once in awhile.
its the best feeling.

millie cat.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a funny thing took place about a month ago.
just some background information:
my parents moved to england this past summer
for my dads job. though this was an exciting adventure they were about to take on
we had the issue of finding a family for our family cat cali q. you've seen past posts of me and cali girl. she is my absolute peach. people think im a cat lady because i am so obsessed with my cat. i can't help that she treated me like a queen and i slept with her in bed every night. we were seriously pals. so the thought of having to give her away kind of killed me. i secretly was wanting to hold interviews of whoever was going to take her. she needs a lot of tender, love and care, you know?

well we hit gold and found a lady named linda. now between you and me, i think linda might be the ultimate cat lady ( in a very nice way.) linda has about five other cats, so cali would gain some brothers and sisters. linda's husband loves to take pictures of the cats, so now cali is a well-known cat model. i know, she is glamourous now. i always knew she'd make it big one day. also, i thought fancy feast and friskies was the way to go for a treat but I guess linda has magic cat food, i don't know. either way, I know cali is having the time of her life with linda. so for that, i am thankful.

to cope with giving my kit cat away, i'd kind of mock cali's new glamourous life style around my roommates. they though i was kidding around, but secretly is was my humorous way of dealing with the fact that she'd never be mine again. the thought of it made me really emotional so i tried to laugh it off instead. well, one fine day, miss emmie joked and said, "you know when cali dies, she's going to choose linda over you in heaven." well normally i would have just laughed it off but i was seriously a little coo-coo and emotional and i just started bawling. i totally threw em off and i know she was kidding around but till this day she feels so bad. i feel bad that she feels bad. with that said, she always tries to convince me how much she loves cats, even though deep down we both know they gross her out. for fun and torture, i would post things of cali to her facebook wall, and make quite remarks here and there. it would kill her.

well em decided to REALLY go out of her way to prove to me that she was sorry and that she did indeed love cats. im just minding my own business on a friday morning and in walks em and her boyfriend justin.
justin tells me he has someone he wants me to meet.
ironically, her name is rachel too...
well the front door is wide open and im looking and waiting and no one seems to be barging in so now im totally thrown off. low and behold, a kitten pops out of justins "halloween candy basket" and i loose it. oh how do i loose it.
i didn't know wether to cry, or scream.
to be quite honest, i was really confused.
justin and em
for a split second i was really touched.
but when em had the litter box, food bowls and litter roll in
reality hit and i thought they had both lost their minds.
it's as if they each woke up that morning and thought,
"hmm, i think im going to buy rach a cat."
so i tell justin, hey, thanks im flattered
and em i know you are sorry,
but i can't take this kitten.
the only response i get from both of them was,
"well, she's your problem now."
so i name the kitten millie and treat her as a child for 5 days.
within those five painful days, millie went to the bathroom in our basket of blankets
starved herself. bit me and my roommates.
clawed at my ankles. made me bleed. cried at my door. clawed her way up my curtains and so on so forth. my roommates began to hate me, as if millie was all my fault. em was even complaining. after many roommate prayers of desperately finding a home for millie, our friend spencer & taylor perkinson decided to fall in love with millie cat and took her home. since then they have formed a family and would never look back. we're really glad millie cat found a fam.
we're really glad millie cat no longer resides in apt. 301.
cali is really glad millie cat didn't replace her.
and now im really glad that people call me CAT LADY.
which in fact, i am not.

j.crew oo oo.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

can you tell im on a blogging high?
all i have to say is that when i look at this picture,
i drool.

i could wear this outfit of this pretty girl
maybe everyday. im going to mock this
and rock this outfit come spring. i can't get over her hair color
and this over all shot of these two gets to me.
i seriously day dream of when i have a significant other
and we dress up for pictures like this. i really want to just
capture fun photos one day and mock professional portraits
and hang them all over my walls, to kind of tell a story.
that's what i do in my spare time. drool and dream over things like this.

island footage.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

5 months later and i give you
hilton head island, south carolina
video footage.

i know, the video as a pretty blunt ending.
i ran out of footage
and so badly wished i had recorded more.
next year though, i'll be more on the ball.
miss you south carolina.

taking a break from halloween.

Monday, November 8, 2010

yep. i know. i passed up halloween this year.
it's very unlike me. in fact those who know me well would think i was ill.
i don't know, i just wasn't up for the typical provo halloween party.
didn't care to see almost bare girls.
just not up my alley.
so the sista's and i decided to pack our bags,
rent a van
(which ended up being a 2011 black tahoe,
i know, i was freaking out too)
and hop on the I-15 going south
for a bit of a vacation in sunny california.
not to mention marissa sue began her
22rd year of life so that was a must celebration as well.
so i hate to say it, but no costume for me.
no candy.
no monster mash.
nothing but mexican grub,
and sunshine.

linza wright.

Monday, November 8, 2010

pic of ze day.
me and my sista lindsay wright.
im really happy she packed her belongings
and said adios to california.
i know utah's weather is taking a turn for the worst right now,
but me and all my sistas are really glad you decided to join us for the
party up here. we sure do love this senorita.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

i believe in miracles mix.
can you even believe this?
every time mj comes on the screen
i freak out.
did you hear cirque du soleil
is holding a michael jackson show?
did you know i just wet myself?

how british people greet you at the airport.

Friday, November 5, 2010

seriously, there is a lot of good in this world.
we just don't focus on it enough.

a kate special.

Friday, November 5, 2010

so my current project in my graphic design project is to take three separate photos
and combine them into one. to be more clear, find a setting with two subjects and applique the subjects onto the main setting. im really excited with mine. of course im using the great miss kate hudson as my subject and for the background, GREECE!
i'll post some pictures of the finished product when im done.
but for now, i'll just share with you my favorite pictures of kate hudson.
just bask and awe in her beauty.

finally being able to focus on classes for my major has allowed me to feel like myself again when i was in high school. my interests are back up and running and im really digging it. i love that im planning on majoring in fine arts. i love that i find myself googling images of my favorite actresses and models again to become my muse's on my future canvas'. having the opportunity to focus on oil painting again makes me fall back on my obsession with fashion and studying my favorite fashion magazines such as 'harper's bazaar.' im really considering subscribing to that guy again.
don't be surprised if my portfolio for my art program is nothing but kate and kate. she has so much energy and personalty.
i can only imagine how fun the set of the photoshoots are with her.
i just love the arts. and i really love that i can be somewhat involved.
im back in action.

this might tickle your fancy

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