La Te Da.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I am...exhausted. i think it's really awesome that i was able to move in a day before school started. so all in all, i have a load to do with little engery. shizam. I think...about past memories of last year and of how good i had it. . I know...that im going to get reallly good grades this sesmter. at least i think. I rio. sweet pork please. I have... an awesome family. even extended family. I find a good group of friends this year. because lets be honest, last years group of friends is going to be really hard to beat. actually, it's impossible. I hate...the length of missions. two years? seriously? kidding. the church is true. I miss... my kitty. i have to call and check up on her to make sure my mom is feeding her fancy feast. she is a queen, you know. I fear...that and earthquake is going to hit us and wipe us all outta this joint in good ol' happy valley. seriously, i am so paranoid. I feel... just a tad bit out of place right now. but its all good in the hood. I hear...the air conditioning running, although it aint doing too much, for we are living the the freaking saharah desert!. I smell...hummus. im obsessed. I search...for anything i own thats hidden in this wreckless apartment. I wonder...if mother nature will grant me a not so harsh winter this year and cut me some slack. I regret...quitting dance to become a cheerleader in middle school. I family. I care...about Invisible Children. I am starting a club at UVU to raise money. I always... wake up sweaty and it's the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. I am not...good at math. i despise the man who was bored enough to confuse himself as well as the world. I believe...that everyone should have a second chance. I dance... with ellen degenerous, at 80's dancing, and whenever some one gives me a beat. I sing... at the top of my lungs and lately i think i have lost my touch. i cracked five times during a celine dion song in the care and i did not know what in the world was happening to me. I don't...have good manners on the road if someone is acting like an idiot. I way to many missionary friends and it's getting really old. I win...a free cookie at subway everytime i buy a giant diet coke. I never...pee my pants if i laugh too hard. ha yeah right. that's the biggest joke if i ever heard one. I damien rice as he sings to me through my itunes. I can usually be found... at the mall stalking the beautiful man who works at the clinic counter in nordstroms. creepy? yes. I am scared of...failing a class this semester. I read... mary higgins clarke. I am happy about... my life. I tag: Ash, Shelly, Danni & Kate.

I Miss.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I miss moving out of the apt. with Kate even though it was a pain. We bonded and had our fair share of slurpees.

I miss playing with the booger, Baby Andrew.

I miss my Cali Q.

I just love this picture. But I miss my parents too even though my dads not in this picture.

I miss driving past this house on the way to work. It's a southern one.

And I DONT miss putting my bike Penny together! Yes, the stork has dropped her off on my Aunts doorstep. We're in love.

Hip Hip Hooray!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Well, after two months or so of saving up some money for some worldly obsessions of mine, I have finally tied the knot.

1. My beach Cruiser

Meet Penny. She is on her way to American Fork right now, and I can't wait to see her and put her together. She'll be coming in pieces. I can't wait to cruise with her.

2. My Cupcake Cake Pan.

And I shall bake a gigantic cupcake for every occasion. First up, a cake for my roomie Meagan. It will be her, "welcome to provo cake" and what shall i bake this in....?

3. My YELLOW Kitchen Aid.

That's right. It's not Ice Blue, and it's not my wedding. But I went into William's Sonoma today to buy my cupcake pan and there she was. Sitting all alone with a "ON SALE" sign. She's been neglected because she's a spring/summer color. So they took off an extra ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS! And I stepped back and though, "Get out of here!" But I didn't. I made the purchase and I will admit, I love the color. It's bright and fun. And Rachel Green & Monica Gellar have the same on in their New York Apt from Friends.


Michael Phelps.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Who needs shark week when you've got Michael Phelps? He is more than a swimmer, he is a shark. I kid you not. I love the Olympics and I am already loving every second of it. I haven't left the couch except for the two hour break, which allowed me to take a nap and eat some dinner. Other than that, I have been truly devoted.

What I enjoyed most was the performance of every olympic viewers crave, michael phelps. My Dad and I were cheering as he won his first gold metal. Oh yeah, and he beat the world record time. Let me also admit, that I started to get a little emotional and I am thankful that the basement lights were off. It was a great moment seeing him win.

hopefully we can all watch seven more of his moments.
here's to michael phelps goal of winning 8 gold metals. 1 down, 7 more to go.
and here's to my goal of marrying michael phelps. according to my dad, 1 year and 8 more to go.
i see some similarities. must be a sign.

The Freshmen.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Long story short. I miss my friends. They are all serving missions, or are about to leave on one. So here's to them and the sweet freshmen year we spent together. May I add that it was one of the best years of my life, and Im a little bitter to move on to the next school year. Suck it up I say. See ya in two boys.

california was our favorite weekend past time.

summer bbq. at the king.

oh billy.

brandon bear.

camping escapades.

stone age.

billy and sethy.

midnight pile-ups and chats.

good company.


never a dull moment.

the usual jd abuse.



this might tickle your fancy

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