"frenchie" & some tangelos.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gah, thank the heavens above, I have finally finished my second painting out of six for my abstract series this semester. Did you know that finals are in three weeks? I have to knock out four abstract paintings in three weeks... what have I done to myself? This abstract, which I call "Frenchie" was a real pain. It started off great, ending up with some beautiful milky pours, and then when I tried to forget my brain and slab some thick oil on the canvas with the pallet knife, I thought I butchered the poor thing. It's all about the process and not allowing the process of it to drive you up a wall until your painting is finished. Fortunately, I think I am having a love affair with "Frenchie" and I may like her just a wee bit more than my "Boulevard." Whoops.

It was hard forcing myself to stay inside and paint away when it was 60 degrees and sunny! But it wasn't too hard when I popped in "The Help" and distracted myself with all things southern. I am really excited that it's warming up, especially with Easter weekend coming up, and seeing things become more green and begin to blossom. It really is a sweet reminder of our Savior's resurrection which makes me so excited for Easter Sunday.

I guess you can say hard work pays off, and surprisingly this is the first time I have gotten on my computer today and it's 8:30 at night. Do you know how big of a deal that is? I need to lay off the computer time because today was proof with how much I can get done, how much more I lived, and how much happier I was today and felt so productive. I was able to finish my painting in no time because I had little distractions and the reward for doing so... yes, I laid out in my backyard wearing yes, my swimsuit in Utah during the month of March. And no, I didn't really glue myself to my phone, instead, I read about five chapters in my book (hallelujah) and snacked on my new favorite citrus, tangelos, which you can imagine by the name is a mix of an orange and a tangerine and by golly, it was sweeter than candy!

adding a little spring into my hop.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Utah randomly just purged out a few snow storms over the weekend. I do believe I jinxed myself running my mouth. The good news is, as it was snowing it was continually melting due to the fact it was still too warm out, so I ain't threatened. This week my chin is up as the weather will warm up again and the sun in shining through the clouds today.

When the sun is bright out, and the foliage outside begins to show it's green side, it gives me a little spring in my step and I can't help but get washed up into the whole hoolahhh of spring cleaning. My house is a mess. For being so small, it's a wrap when I clean it but it can get trashed within seconds. Not proud of admitting it, but I am in the mood to pull out the duster, some trash bags and bleach and go at it. The Glitter Guide is sharing their "Glitter Guide Spring Cleaning Checklist" and it's the go-to list if you're looking for one. Never have I ever been this excited to get down and dirty. It's free if you want it! All you got to do is print it off!

In other news, Easter Sunday is so close and I am realizing, I have done nothing to make it feel like the holiday. It's hard not having kids. Do the Zoo and I really want to put on an Easter Egg hunt for the two of us? I mean, I'd be down, but realistically, it's just not gonna happen. I would like to at least color some eggs, but we'll see what we are up for when the weekend rolls around. Luckily, I found this amazing tutorial from my friend Alison over at The Alison Show who is constantly blowing Martha Stewart otta the water. This was the cheapest holiday decor I have ever done with the help of paint chips! Holy moly, me oh my, how adorable is this "Carrot Chip Garland?" All it takes is a glue gun to get the job done. So I went to it and made my own garland for my brick white fireplace and spring has sprung just a hare in mine and the Zoo's home. It feels good to bring some light and color into our home when the seasons are blooming. So I sure hope you get your fill for the Spring Cleaning Check-list and your Carrot Chip Garland! Have a blast if you do choose to do so!

Happy Monday to you all!

a california wedding.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

San Juan Capistrano, California was the perfect little spanish town for Kristi's wedding. The venue was gorgeous with all of it's greenery matched up to the starch white walls of the spanish villas. Kristi was stunning, I didn't doubt she would be, but she truly was glowing on her wedding day. We had the best of times being by her side and dancing the night away under the California starlit skies. My favorite little thing to her reception that I thought was such a great idea was her guest book. She had a polaroid camera set aside next to the book where her guests would take a quick snap shot and then tape it into the book next to their note. Genuis! Needless to say, all of us bridesmaids and the bride got all up in that polaroid by the end of the night and I took about twelve polaroids home for myself to remember the night. It was such a treat to be reunited with all of my collage buddies, it was bittersweet having to leave. Unfortunately, the Zoo couldn't come down for the wedding but it was the quickest trip of my life. I've been kicking my feet up on my couch all week long with how exhausted I've been.

All in all, it was a beautiful weekend and a great getaway and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it! Two more weddings to go for my girlfriends!

a saint barths adventure.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ahh, the sweet lifestyle of a J.Crew Model. Something I would love to do, but you know, with my height and all, that really puts the damper on the dream. So, I dream and swoon through photos. A key place on my list of to-go-to's is the luscious St. Barths in  the Caribbean. They say it's the St. Tropaz of the Caribbean Seas, and the vast amount of pirates gold and treasure that has yet to be discovered really toots my horn of excitement. St. Barths is famous for it's secluded beaches. Legend has it, a French pirate buried his treasures of gold somewhere on the island in the late 1700's and it hasn't been found... yet!

I am a sucker for the Caribbean. Any island in those warm turquoise waters is my weak spot. To combine the oh-so classics of a J.Crew spread on St. Barths is like fireworks and I am obsessed with J.Crew's favorite shots they got throughout their adventure, while soaking up the sun in their new Spring Collection. I thought I'd share my favorite photos if you havent been on their site to see them yet.

viva las vegas.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Whelp, I got my fix for Viva Las Vegas! All it takes is just a couple hours or maybe just a day of strolling around the city of lights to fix my craving for Vegas. On the drive down to California, we passed through and decided to stop for about three hours since my friend Hayley, who was with us, had never been. The weather was perfect. In fact, I was sweating and actually enjoying it. It was clear blue skies, sunny with a high of 80 something. The streets surprisingly weren't TOO crowded as we went from casino to casino admiring vegas' attempt to mimic New York, Paris, India & Rome.

I think that's one thing I love about Vegas, it's a city made up of Disney World/Land characteristics where everything is staged to make you feel a certain way as if you were in another land far far away. Though it never compares to the real deal, I still adore the architecture. Now all I need is a day at Disneyland or even better, take a trip over seas.

On a side note, my parents spent their weekend in Hilton Head Island & Savannah, Georgia and the eeriest thing broke out on the news that just solidifies Savannah as a whole. A cemetery in eastern Savannah, was found with two graves dug up, the caskets out on the ground. One casket was damaged, while the other casket was found open and the body missing! Leave it to Savannah to go through all the trouble to create a mystery dealing with the dead! Can you believe it? My jaw dropped when my parents told me the news. I instantly became the inner Nancy Drew that I am, and I so badly wanted to grab my flashlight and magnifying glass and head straight to Savannah for some sleuthing. I can't stop thinking about this mystery!

Any hoo, wedding posts for my friend Kristi to come soon!

it's a birthday for the greatest woman i know.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Really, Friday is my mom's birthday, but I'll be out on that ol' desert road to California so I wanted to give her a shout out when I have the chance to. I love  my mom so much. She is one of my very best friends. She's one crazy firecracker, has the most youthful spirit and sets such a great example. She has so many talents and magnifies them in the most humble way. She is today's modern Doris Day and I'm pretty sure she would have been Lucille Ball's best friend back in the day. She is a riot, always down for a feel good time, always smiling, lively and giddy. She teaches me the power of youth, to age naturally and gracefully but contain the youthful spirit you had as a youngin' and maximize it by hundred. She is the life of the party, with a heart of gold. A friend to all, the most selfless wife, and the most giving mother. She is worshipped by her grandkids and goes out of her way to tell superhero stories, over and over and over and over and over again. 

I just adore my mom in every possible way. She really is my favorite person and I look up to her more than she'll ever know. Happy Birthday Mama, you're looking better than ever, Dad can hardly handle himself!

spring break thus far.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ah, I did it. I finally pushed myself to go to school today, on my Spring Break, while the school is closed, yes. And I began a new abstract that will be absolutely chic! Seen above is only the first layer. To get a better view, you can check out my instagram: RachieRobb. I can't wait to throw in some creamy lemons, nudes and peach tones in the mix of the greens. I hope it turns out as fabulous as I envision it in my head.

In other random, not important news, I got my haircut and colored today and I feel brand new. I cut off three inches and for once my "bangs" are almost as long as the length of my hair. I think I'm going to hold off on the whole she-bang idea because I've never experience this before and I feel so clean.

The weather has been amazing. I took an evening bike ride, alone. Well, I started out riding next to the Zoo as he ran, but he started to take me up hill, and I already did my workout for the day, and my tire was semi-flat so I ditched him and did my own thing with my motown music on full blast and I was in my element. I am kind of sad to leave warmness of Utah on Thursday because this is all so sudden and new for Utah and I have no idea how long it plans on sticking around. But I can't complain when I'm currently packing my bags for California. Though the trip is going to be quick, I'm going to take in every bit of it. I wish the Zoo could come with be but I'll be going solo, with friends of course, but it's just not the same without my love.

holy hanneli.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Holy Hanneli Mustaparta is right! Check out my new muse? Isn't she a beaut? Maybe this is stretching it but there is something about her features and the way that she dresses that reminds me of a modern day Jackie Kennedy. I'm digging her sunnies and I love the way she wears her head scarfs. I'm definitely going to attempt her look this summer, but what I am really going to attempt is painting a Hanneli Portrait. I just adore her so and love her style that it's hard to not attempt.

I'm currently working on another Grace Kelly portrait. I know, my first one was Grace, but I've seen the improvement with my later portraits and I am just no longer satisfied with the job I did, and since Grace is my number one girl, I want to make one that I adore. After Grace, comes Hanneli. And that may be the end of my series for the semester! Who knows, if I have time I'll add in one more, but sadly I'm about to get a little burnt out. Now, that doesn't mean I'm done with portraits forever! Heavens no! I just need some time to focus on other projects, that's all. I still have five more abstracts to do by April... eeh you could say I'm a little behind.

Oh yeah, spring break starts tomorrow, bless my heart!

on a happier note.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Well, after my sob story from down below. I'm bucking up and couldn't help but feel more cheerful with some of my favorite things right now that are bright and cheerful. I have a lot to look forward to within the next week and by golly I'm going to be happy about it!

First off, a year later, and I'm still swooning over J.Crew's Spring Collection of 2012. Sadly, I have those floral cafe' pants and they don't fit as crisp on me like they do on her. Spring break starts on Friday, so I have nothing to gloom about. I get to dedicate a week to painting and hopefully make some mula. I'm going to whip out a few more abstracts and I want to tackle a "landscape" with architecture. Totally out of my element but change is good, remember?

I'm finally getting my hair cut and colored- it's been since November and I need to feel alive and clean. I am considering cutting three inches off. I know, how "drastic" of me, but I've come to terms that I will never have that long luscious mane past my boobs with a middle part like they all do out here. Let's be real, I look like a boy with a middle part, slightly fatter and the longer my hair gets, the nastier it becomes and it ain't me babe. I've been tempted to cut my straight across bangs again, but if that ever goes down, it won't be until the summer. It's taken me three years to grow my bangs out and to finally have no sort of bang over my forehead, be it straight or swoop, so I need to get to a healthy length and take advantage of this no she-bang time before I get all crazy.

Even though the Utah weather is warming up a bit, I'm even luckier to drive down to the coast of California for my friend Kristi's wedding. So excited to be a bridesmaid. She is going to look so stunning and I am so happy for her and happy for wedding season. I'm finally going to take advantage of my new camera and take a butt load of shots, warm up the lens a bit and explore. I'm going to soak in some rays wearing my favorite outfit - a one-piece tank. And by golly, I deserve an ice cream cone because I've been so good with my eating habits (aside from this past weekend, due to girls nights out) and all I ask for is a whoppin' cone. And Zekey, if you hear me, I really think that watch is pretty.

and Paris is always a good idea.

So, without further adieu, I'm going to take my sappy sorrows from the post below and go run them off at the gym before I keel over. The sun is shining, my class was cancelled today - hip hip hooray!

Thanks for listening to me yap. I am a yapper, you know.

growing up is hard to do.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Did I ever mention to you that I have a very difficult time with change? I'm sure I have, as it takes a major toll on my life. Change gives me the worst anxiety in the world, and none of this came about until I realized I wasn't getting any younger but moving forward in life with responsibilities and making life changing decisions. 

First change set in when Chelsea (furthest left in pink) got married. She was the first of us to go, and we all four bawled like babies. On the way home from her rehearsal dinner, Nik, Marissa and I had a major melt down in the car all by ourselves. It was so sad and pathetic. We were hysterical. That's when we knew things were going to change and this sisterhood of ours was going to meet up with a few forks in the road. 

Then it was Nik's turn to just up and leave us and move to New York City. Don't get me wrong, we were so excited for her success and the fact that she would be able to actually live in the same city as her boyfriend (now fiance') but the selfish side of us was sour and bitter. That whole spring I was filled with anxiety. Back to back with Chelsea moving out and getting married and Nik soon following, I wanted to barf. On the car ride to the air port, me, Nik and Marissa had the same episode as we did the night of Chelly's rehearsal dinner, we wailed like children. It was the most depressing car ride ever. I officially hate airports. Later that night, I sat in my bedroom crying and I could feel a change in the apartment. I could feel the absence of Chelsea and Nik, and it was strange and uncomfortable. That's when I heard a knock on the door and it was Riss, holding her pillows and crying uncontrollably. So we slept in my bed together and cried through out the whole night. 

I'm grateful I was left with Marissa. She is most likely the most stable out of all of us, no offense to the other two, but we can all agree. And so I felt like I was with my older sisters. That was a strange summer, just the two of us, but we managed to have our own bit of fun and make the best of it and soon enough, we were back into our routines and habits and having a joy ride. The nice thing about Chelly getting married and moving out, was that she still lived down the street, only with a boy and not us. So we saw her all of the time which calmed us a bit. But Nik was far far away. 

I was next to go. I spent that whole summer planning my wedding and it was bittersweet because Nik would be coming into town for it, but  I was also leaving Maris and I hated the fact that she'd be alone. Luckily, she had her boyfriend Dan (now fiance') but boys just aren't the same as girls. We all know this. My wedding was such a fun reunion and us girls were out of control and back to our same old ways of getting into trouble, peeing our pants and eating everything in sight. But then I left the party and jumped on board a plane with my now husband. And significantly, things changed. Apparently, after I left, my mom found Chelsea, Nik and Marissa in the brides room crying. And then my mom cried. And that's just how we are. We are more like family, who of course are always happy for one another's  achievements and life changing situations but the selfish collage girls in us just want to be with each other like the old days with nothing in the world to care about. 

Well, it's safe to say that the reason I am so overly excited for Nik and Marissa to get married is for one, so that they can jump on board with Chelly and I, but also, I have no anxiety about them getting married, because I have been there and done that. This is great change. And I do find it a blessing that the four of us some how, some way, managed to get married within almost of year, which makes it easy on all of us. But now that we are all married or soon to be married, we are basking in the stage of life where our husbands jobs determine our lifestyle and location and we can't live in Provo for the rest of our lives, just down the street from one another. Instead, Nik and Jordan are leaving New York for San Francisco, which is a bonus for me because she'll be closer. But the news I have been dreading to hear, called me over the phone last night and Chelsea and Jake are joining Nik in San Francisco as well, in two weeks. And that's when my heart stop. I guess this is good for Nik, because Maris and I can't keep all of the goods t ourselves. But I didn't think this moment would come so soon. And once again, it's me and Maris. The last ones standing. Funny how life plays out. 

But that's life, and growing up is hard to do. I just need to buck up and move on with it. Make the best of my situations and know that location won't change my relationships with these girls. If anything, I'll be more grateful for them because I won't see them day to day like I use to. And now, girl trips will be even more fun and eventful. Maris and I are just going to make the best of Utah for the time being. And that is that. Though the Jones' won't be down the street from us anymore, we'll still have a feel good time in the town where we began. 

So here's to change, sisterhood, and life. And may it be ever good to you. And may I conquer the change and look for the good in every experience. 

Congrats to Jake and Chelly for their big career success and may you guys not party as hard without me. 

Life is good.

girls weekend.

Monday, March 4, 2013

It was such a treat to have one of my best friends come back into town. Nik is getting married in August, and came out for a long weekend to get some planning done and it was a blast to be a part of it. It was a great reunion to be with my best friends. It was just like old times, which weren't too long ago. We cackled, maybe tinkled a little from laughing, ate like no freaking other, and lost a ton of sleep and just went right back into the way things ought to be. I love me some girl time, and it's especially special to spend it planning two weddings for Marissa and Nicole. I've been so wedding hungry lately. It is so much more fun being involved in a wedding when you're not the bride, but there is always that moment where you wish you could do it all over again.

Marissa and I are booking it to California in two weeks as we are bridesmaids for our dear friend Kristi. Then I'm a bridesmaids in Marissa's wedding in June, following being a bridesmaid in Nik's wedding in August. Can you see why I am wedding hungry? It's just back to back of loads of fun. I just love my girls so much. I grew up really hanging out with only boys kicking it "Boy Meets World" style and never really saw the goodness of having a great girlfriend and more. Thanks to collage and roommates, I've been blessed to gain sisters rather than friends. I've gained more family then I have ever imagined including their husbands who feel more like brothers. I can't wait for our kids to either hate each other or love each other. Whatever the outcome, they'll always be a huge part of mine and the zoo's life.

With the wedding planning, Nik is having her reception at the La Caille Venue and I am drooling over the lushness of the greenhouse we'll be dining and dancing in. We found her dress, first one she tried on! Everything was perfect and went smoothly, and I have no doubt that Marissa's wedding is going to be stunning. So many exciting things are coming our way, and I am so giddy just thinking about it all.

Any hoo, the bungalow is much quieter now that Nik jetted off on that red eye flight to the big apple. But all is well cause i'll be seeing her in May. Sorry for the not so great quality of photos. I used my phone the whole weekend. I really need to get into the habit of busting out my new camera the Zoo got me for Christmas. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and may this week be good to you!

P.S. I don't want to jinx it, but I do believe Spring is finally here in Utah. For the past week, it's been sunny and in the high 40's, and the week ahead is predicting the same. Let's just keep our fingers crossed.

this might tickle your fancy

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