sister jami pond.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

tomorrow is a big huge day for a very special someone.
miss jami pond. the lady of provo, the dancer of ghana,
my love dove.
jami is leaving august 25th to serve an LDS mission in argentina for a year and a half and i couldn't be more pumped for her.
tonight was her "goodbye for now" party and half of happy valley was there.
i can't begin to tell you how many people adore jammers.
she is a people person.
very likable, charming, witty, adventurous, chill beautiful, friendly,
you name it, it will be on her list.
jami got to be apart of a really special time in my life.
her and i were joined at the hip and found ourselves in africa together.
we really bonded and got to actually know each other.
we cut the crap with the whole, acquaintance thing.
She became a really good friend of mine and was able to experience something that no one else could experience with me.
Jami was the best person to do that with too.
The kids in Ghana flat out adored her.
I knew they would because she is out of control, loads of fun
and probably one of the most creative dancers i have met.
On our trip jami mentioned about how she was wanting to serve a mission. I didn't question her one bit. I knew right away that she would be an awesome missionary. She has a heart that stretches out towards everyone and anyone. She is a very selfless person and she has such a love for the gospel. her example has inspired a lot of people. her outlook on life makes me rethink the way to think about life in general. to be more positive, more open to options, more accepting,
and more loving. i think the world of jami, and i can't wait for these other people on the other side of the world to fall in love with her too. she's contagious. everyone loves jami pond.
i can't wait to hear about her experiences, and about the people she will grow to love.
here's to you my love dove.
i'll keep you busy with sending you gold in the mail.
your ghanaian sister.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

one word to describe my life right now.

holy cow. it's the time of year again where the happy valley is up and running with their heads cut off. moving boxes and running flights of stairs become our daily routine.
am i loving it? no. i don't know why i do this to myself. I think i move into a different apartment every semester of my life.
1. king henry
2. alpine village
3. university avenue condos
4. belmont
5. house on 500 north
6. AVENUES (current moving destination)

I am beyond wiped out. Im pretty sure this moving business is the best training i could take up on before i begin my p90x trial. no joke.
by the end of the day i feel like im about to puke from exhaustion. with three flights of stairs + an extra from the garage and no men in town this week to help, my legs and arms no longer exist. at least i can no longer feel them.
did i mention i start school tomorrow? my life is out of control right now.
this is why baskin robbins ice cream is my new best friend.
give me till saturday, i'll be a sane woman once again.
cheers to a new semester in the happiest valley known to mankind.
tootles wonderful people of mine.

express yourself.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

as madonna says, "express yourself."
so here i go.

1. im watching the "wedding singer" with my pal isaac right now and i am literally rolling. i forgot how classic this flick is, how drew barrymore isn't really THAT bad and how i really dig adam sandler's mullet.
2. i blog stalk. whatever. most likely so do you.
3. i think our generation is so weird. the way brides dress and do their hair these days is so casual, indie and STRANGE. am i the only one who plans on being a really fancy bride or something?
4. i've eaten cafe rio for dinner three nights in a row this past week. the third meal was free and felt like a victory. if there is one thing im really good at mastering, it's the process of downing a full cafe rio salad.
5. tomorrow provo is due for thunderstorm. im really pumped for this. eh scratch that, no im not. i just realized my yellow dresser is still outside drying. i can never win.
6. the purpose of this post is to keep me entertained because boredom has taken over.
7. oh and baskin robbins has amazing sorbet flavers right now. apple, blueberry and grape sorbet swirled? i'll take it. plus it looks like play-doe which makes it really fun to eat.

back to basics.

Friday, August 20, 2010

one thing most of you (minus my family) don't know about me is that I love to do oil paintings.
(most of my paintings below from high school)

(high fashion model Gemma Ward)

I mostly did oil paintings in high school because I took art every semester of all four years of my high school career. so i was forced, and I was given an hour or two every day to do what i love to do. since i've been in college, i really don't find time to paint.
it's been a little annoying and i always fear that im going to loose the skills since i never find time to practice.
(high fashion model Gemma Ward)

Luckily, I have a week of free time before school starts and I've been taking advantage of every hour. I move into my new apartment next week and I was lucky enough to get the lounge. Unfortunately, the lounge needs some work. It literally looks like a primary room in the church building. I don't have much furniture and I plan to paint the walls and spruce up the place to make it my own. I found a dresser at D.I. for $30.00 and took the baby home with me. It reeked like the 60's and I questioned wether I could really do much to it.
(high fashion models Dara & Gemma)

Well the painting has begun and I really think I'm on a roll. I decided to paint the dresser a really light creamy yellow. It's coming out a little lighter than I would have liked it to be, but I'll deal. The next step I plan to take is to sketch a floral/aztec-like design on the drawers in white. wish me luck, this is a stretch.
(actress Kate Hudson)

Another project I am currently working on right now, which ties in with my thirst for painting is ANOTHER PAINTING! yahoo!!! Now, in case you couldn't tell, I love to paint people. I love to get into detail with their hair, makeup, and clothing. Unfortunately, when I paint this subject matter it takes me a couple of months to do the whole she-bang.
(prisma color drawing : Lilly Pulitzer Ad)

So I have decided to do a more decorative painting to add a little to my new room. I took a design off of Rifle Co. (one of my favorite wedding save-the-dates) and covered a whole 18x24 canvas with the print. I've decided to choose my own colors to fill the design that will go along with the color scheme of my room. Weird enough, I got the color scheme from a Kate Spade Ad & a Hermes Perfume bottle. Random, I know.
Looking at this inspiration now, Im kind of wishing I painted the dresser a dark cream color. now I am kicking myself. whatever.
(high fashion model Gemma Ward)

So that is that. And I'm really happy with how I have been spending my past week. I've been having so much fun being by myself. I never thought I could go this long without going insane. I wake up around 8:30 and get-a-workin. I feel like Im running my own business. this is a fun thing I've got going on.
(high fashion model : Gemma Ward)
(actress Kate Hudson)
(high fashion model Gemma Ward)

Im back in my zone.
I'll keep you kids posted on my projects.

p.s. embroidery anthro rug/canvas is still hanging in there.
I plan to finish it by Christmas.
Seriously, that's my goal...

plan b.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

oso i made it out of the house today with a little more confidence.
the bangs will be bangs. they now belong on my forehead for the time being.
i think my sister jenna is right when she says,
"i bet you'll grow em out before you let them grow on you."
uh yeah. i asked liz how much a trim to the bangs costs.
she says free. as tempting as the words "free" sound...
i'll pass that offer up. what even gave me more of a boost to pass that up was this pretty face who was starring at me in the line at the grocery store.
"well sheena marie williams."
There she is again with her beautiful precious hair. look at the color, and look at that simple cut.
cha-ching. august's issue of vogue is now mine.
it's my study guide/reminder/ to grow the bangs. live and learn. make a goal.
and quit my crying.
so here she is. here is gwyneth's spread. and my future natural makeover.
cheers to hair pills.

the big bang theory.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ehh. so i got a little bold today. really bold. like i couldn't stop myself bold and then i started to get all pumped because i felt so unstoppable and brave to make what i think is a huge transition.
now im laughing at myself because i dont know if what i have done was a smart thing.
and there really is nothing i can do but go with it and make the best out of my

that's what i get for being alone in provo.
with no one in the streets.
and no one in the house to give me their personal opinion on wether i should
just do it or dont even go there.
well i went there. and i feel like im wearing a wig.
i feel like kate hudson in "bride wars."
right, i know... im obsessed with kate hudson, so to feel like her should feel like a victory. even though kate's my woman, my leading lady, i've heard a few mouths say,
"ehh... not feeling her hair in that flick."
so with that said.... i pulled into the grocery store parking lot today, sat in the car. played with my kate hudson bangs in the mirror, and i dashed out of smiths like a mad woman.
im not ready for the public eye to see my bangs. i've got to feel like myself first.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

goodbye england.
i really had fun hanging out with you for six weeks.
i truly find you fascinating and entertaining.
i sure am going to miss you.
dont worry, im sure i'll be back for another visit.
but it's time i must go back to my country.

im going to america.

p.s. who am i kidding? im keeping the blog.
p.p.s. and thanks mom and dad for such a fun HOLIDAY! i loved spending time with the two of you! you guys are a blast! love you both!

we're on a roll!

Friday, August 13, 2010

truth be told, this blog is a bust.
seriously, i ain't fishing for comments but when you see the number
all the live long day you can't help but think to yourself
"eh, so am i just blogging to myself? am i the only one reading my own thoughts?"
lets be honest. blogs are for people with significant others and kin.
i obviously have neither. and im forced to believe that sadly, thats all that people care to hear about. so with that said, i debate wether to continue this useless blog. or maybe i should just go private and invite one reader.
and maybe i'll just start the blog up again, if i get a boyfriend, or a dog, or a cat, or maybe bring one of my african kiddies home from ghana, or maybe turn that boyfriend into a husband. so i dont know...
we'll see how im feeling in a couple of days about this blog guy.
yeah yeah yehaaa.

chester, england.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

finally. a post of chester, england. the new home to brian and donna robbins.
i feel very lucky and blessed to have the opportunity to come out here and visit.
i've never been to england, so this has all been very exciting for me.
chester is a very small old roman city. the roman wall still stands and surrounds the city.
my mom and i loved walking it on occasion. the people in chester are SO friendly and think we have funny accents. i think the same about them.
i just really love it here. im happy my parents do too.

my parents flat is located right on the river dee. to get into town we just cross the extension bridge. parties are always taken place on the river dee. tour boats such as "the lady diana" and "mark twain" are always making their way down the river, and on occasions, at night, women will be on "the lady diana" dancing to ABBA. i can hear them from our window. it's quite entertaining.

there is a band always playing on that gazebo every sunday. and right behind the gazebo is an american bbq restaurant. it's good, its not totally american but it will do. although their root beer floats are a little skewed. the root beer is sour, they plop in one scoop of ice cream and then add ice cubes to the mix. yeah...

driving through wales.
city of chester.
chester is full of tudor buildings. i love these buildings. they are all shops and pubs most likely selling fish and chips with beer. many of the buildings are original, made of wood and most of them are literally slanting. i love how most of the buildings have flower boxes hanging from the glass windows.

so there you have it. the city of chester! its quite the cute little place.
quiet, small, easy to get around, friendly.
i love it.

mr. & mrs.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

miss sari rae tied the knot to her very own "jake gyllenhaal" yesterday in mesa, arizona.

i can't begin to tell you how excited i am for dillon and sara. i just think they are the cutest lovebirds.
im really sad i missed out on their special day but thanks to good friends, photos will tie me over. don't they look good? really, they are killing me with their style. i just love these two.
happy wedding day kiddies.

this might tickle your fancy

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