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Monday, January 7, 2013

oh booger! It's that time of year again where my mind starts a-wonderin' in a place that is quite nonexistent in the month of january, in the dead of winter, in the cool brisk breeze of a white utah night. I'm yearning for a escapade into the deep turquoise waters of  the Caribbean sea, where coconuts fall from trees and the smell of the islands jamaican jerk chicken is carried through the breeze. If I ever have a dream, my dream is this: basking in the heat of the sun, people watching through some spectacular vintage binoculars, while twinkling my toes to some Billie Holiday through my retro portable radio. I'd be collecting treasures from the shore, and nestling in a hammock for some cool shade. I'd be adorned in a Hermes silk scarf like Jackie O and tortoiseshell shades while reading my book of the magical New Orleans and writing sweet nothings to my Zoo in a botanical notebook. now, aint that the dream?Ah, but to dream a dream. Obviously most of this is a dream because it will be the day that I sport a Hermes silk scarf and pounce about in that Tory Burch beach tote. But anything goes within a dream. So until then, I shall dream. May the winter be ever so kind to you. *a lot of these beautiful things I obviously can't afford, but they are listed because they are part of my dream. Don't dare think I can afford this. So you can dream with me and we'll drool together...*

ginger root sculpture / perpetual bloom towel jcrew fragrant orange kira sandals / hermes headscarf / lucis puma sunnies / in the spirit of new orleans book sweet briar notebook jcrew scalloped underwire tank tory burch beachy norah bucket tote cartier coral diamond yellow gold ring

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