a winter blowout of clothes!

Friday, January 4, 2013

zing! Just like spring cleaning, I do believe the new year can call for some cleaning as well. Even though I don't think any of these articles of clothing are trash, I do believe that "One mans trash, is another mans treasure." I still love each and every single one of these pieces oh so much, but they are never worn and need your tender love and care. to view and purchase go to winterblowout.blogspot.com and to purchase or ask any questions email me at robbins757@gmail.com If out of the state of Utah, I will ship for a fee. The fees vary depending on the clothing item, you will see the shipping fee under each item. For payment, if out of state, I'd prefer a check in the mail. Paypal rubs me the wrong way sometimes. If in state, we can arrange a pick up, or I can ship if that makes it easier on you!. now, shop away my friends and please spread the news!

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