united we stand : vogue style.

Friday, April 27, 2012

school is out, which means i get a free out of jail card and can finally paint whatever the heck i want. this vintage cover of vogue has been on my list for a good while now. it feels so american to me and there is something about it that i drool over every time i look at it. maybe its her dress and the fact that i have to have it. either way, im starting today and making it extra large on a canvas. and i can hardly wait for the end results! wish me luck!

jcrew spring jams.

Monday, April 23, 2012

I love following JCrew's blog for the pure joy of their awesome seasonal playlists. They just came out with their VOL. 1 for spring and I love it. I will say i did tweak a few songs here and there. Kept songs on that suit me most and knocked off some that weren't really my style, and substituted them with jams I really did that fit the category of spring.  Take a gander, open your ear and enjoy the sweet sounds of spring, brought to you by jcrew and i .

Crystal Fighters - 'At Home' 
Elvis Presley - 'Bossa Nova Baby'
Plastic Bertrand - 'Ca Plane Pour Moi' 
Robyn - 'Call Your Girlfriend' 
Gotye - 'I Feel Better' 
Lana Del Rey - 'National Anthem'
Diane Birch - 'Speak A Little Louder'
Lana Del Rey - 'Summertime Sadness'

birthday wishes to my two pretties.

Monday, April 23, 2012

happy birthday to my dear cousin estelle who is no longer this little toe head of mine but instead a full blown firecracker of a teenager! i love seeing her grow up. she gets cooler by the day, more beautiful and so much more fun! i can never get enough of this bombshell. and a very special happy birthday to my grandma jean, who is no longer here with me. i miss her all of the time but i am so very grateful for the scent of cigarette smoke i smell on occasion while at home or in my car, and i know that it is her by my side. she was so beautiful and full of life and wisdom. happy birthday to my two pretties who will always hold a dear place in my heart!

june, johnny & jackson

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"im going to jackson, and that's a fact. im going to jackson, ain't comin' back."

so i do this thing, where I am just like my mom. my mom, in her spare time, when no one is around or home, practices her dance moves, in all seriousness, and I do the exact same thing. sometimes, I get a little frustrated with my lack of being able to pick up the charleston right on que, or im unable to figure out the whole dance to beyonce's music video so i decide to spend my spare time on what i know i can handle. BELTING. now, im not boasting at all, because who knows what i sound like to the ears of others. all i know is that im secretly a performer. and i so badly, want that fame of standing on a stage and belting my vocals with a large audience applauding, or starring in an oscar winning film and having an audience crying at my work. how pathetic am i? for real though, i dream of this kind of thing.

so when i say im just like my mom, i mean, i spend my spare time in front of my mirror, in the bathroom, since the echo is pretty unreal in there, and i put on my go-to diva songs one of which is tina turners, "proud mary" or celine dions version of "river deep, mountain high." and i jam. on repeat for a good two hours. i tend to really do this in the shower, but i hit a major jackpot when my roommates are out of the house and i have the place to myself to really pump  up the volume, grab my mic and perform the crap out of those songs. lately, my main song is johnny cash and june carters "jackson." i really can't stop. i like to pretend that i am reese witherspoon in 'walk the line' and that im pulling off a heck of a better job than she did. though that's completely impossible, while im dreaming, i can totally beat her to the task.

my roommate niki caught me today, and since the secret of the new song of the week was out, i was able to get my roommates boyfriend to become johnny for me. i really needed a male to finish my duo, and i hate to say it, but we were jammin a good tune. im now really wanting to be june carter for halloween, and im trying to convince the zoo to be my johnny cash. i tossed the idea out to him today, and luckily his response was, "maybe." that's a really good response. this means a possibility. what he doesn't know is that if we do dress up as johnny and june, he has to learn the part, and sing a duet with me. im making him. and maybe we'll just make a music video out of it..... whoops!

im out of control. i just want to entertain. that's all.

oscar de la renta coral necklace

Friday, April 13, 2012

pretty pumped over this one. on the left shows oscar de la rentas coral necklace from seasons seasons ago. i, however, have been drooling since the end of time over this one. too bad its about $1,000 something bucks. one can dream, right?

years and years later, i take a trip to michaels craft store and low and behold, in a hidden corner, on clearance lies these large coral pieces. what did these remind me of? OH MY GOSH, OSCAR! so guess what I did? I bought ALL OF THEM. every single one that was left, i took them all. Not knowing, how i'd turn it into a necklace, seeing as how i know nothing on making jewelry, i kept them stashed in a bowl on my desk. It's been months now, and finally on a rainy day, i decided to put my oscar coral to the test. I went straight back to that craft store, got crafty and did as best as I could to put together my own take of oscar de la renta's coral necklace. And this is what I got, and surprisingly, i am very pleased. Now, I know it's not the real thing, and I so wish I could have found some orange coral, but it's the best I could do and i'll take it. pat on  the back for me! now lets hope the gold chain doesn't croak on the first use of it. it's pretty dang heavy, and yeah, i'd call it a statement piece for sure.

happy thursday.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

happy thursday everyone! this picture is one of my many favorite photos of grace, for very many reasons. ive spent my late wednesday night collecting for photos of her again and i still can't get over this one. thought i'd share!

for sale.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

                          1. ANTHROPOLOGIE edme' & esyllte blouse : 2 : $15.00
                          2. JCREW cardigan : XS : $20.00
                          3. ANTHROPOLOGIE fei blouse : 0 : $20.00
                          4. ANTHROPOLOGIE maeve dress : 2 : $15.00

                     email me for questions or orders at : robbins757@gmail.com 
                       if out of state (utah) there is a shipping fee of $5.00
                                  all items are final sales, no returns. 

sunshine & critters.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

today wasn't so shabby. i woke early oh so early in the morning. and with a horrible nights sleep, my head feels like its bobbing. fortunately, the sun was beating today and i had a nice break in between classes. long enough break to where i got to lounge by a pool with my girl niki and absorb my first set of rays for the year. notes/goals for this year SKIN CANCER PREVENTION & WRINKLE PREVENTION. it is my goal, and duty to not allow an ounce of red to enter onto my skin. 50+ sunscreen will do the trick and if it takes me weeks to get a bronze glow, then weeks i'll wait. goal is to get golden and run from my indian red i normally get. 

the bees sure were buzzing away today. niki and i hung out with two little stingers for three straight hours. hiding on niki's back, dangling on my toes and peeking into my head scarf. can you blame them though? the flower buds are blooming and life is coming back to utah. 

painting II was ehh okay today. for my final we have to do three individual abstracts, which aren't really my cup of tea. this area of fine arts is a little out of my comfort zone and im already bout to throw in the towel. students in my class chose subject matters such as flowers, turtles, apples, landscapes.... i chose moths. and im wrapping that idea up and going to try to start over with a new idea in mind and higher hopes. (keep fingers crossed) Im going to attempt to abstract that pink flamingo up above on the pillow up there. yep. im gonna abstract the crap out of that thing and it doesn't turn out... well i'll be. i dont even know... i'll just be happy it's all said and done i guess. so wish my luck. spring of 2011: butterflies. spring of 2012 : FLAMINGOS. 

p.s. i can't get enough of these critter alphabet stamps. too cute for words.

my instagram site : rachel anne instagrams

i can't stop pinning.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

pinterest. i've been hooked since summer of 2011 i believe. im still hooked. and i can't stop. i've decided its most proactive way of wasting your time because i never feel like time is being wasted. instead, im organizing, and gaining ideas for future home, current home, wardrobe, diy, my paintings, beauty. well all things female. and well, women are a lot to keep up with. so i feel like my pinterest is my personal site of all things rachel. and, i can't help but sit back and think how pretty it all looks. such a great tool, why was i not the genius to actually put a site together like this? I do believe i've had a 'wedding' album in my iphoto since 2007, for this very reason of organizing or "pinning" things that i loved with no where to put them. any hoo if you wanna follow, come join me at rachel robbins pinterest  happy pinning.

swan dive or cannonball?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

gah its time. utahs temperatures are rising. the blossoms are blooming and the sun is finally shining. ive always drooled over kate spades film ads and there is a new one in town shouting out to those in need of some hurricane punch, palm trees and ocean breeze. of course she goes retro glam with her hollywood regency pool style. im so digging it. the tunes, suits and pool furniture really get me. to view video go here you also have choices as to watch she listens to and does for your perfect summer day. these are my choices : french pop, to funk, to swan dive. enjoy!

ahead of the game.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

sorry but i did it. i did it before the nation did. i finally saw, after 8 something years of waiting, TITANIC in 3D. booyah. and i brought the zoo with me, and he still really likes me after we saw me weep. and he even admitted to having a lot of fun and that he actually really enjoys that movie. A GUY enjoys this film! can you believe it? I couldn't. He didn't even make fun of the scene when older rose grunts while dropping the heart of the ocean into the ocean. that won some major points. anyways, weekdays can normally be such a bore, but tonight, was a night to remember. i'll never get over titanic. its too good. too freaking good.

(anderson girls : great family friends)

this might tickle your fancy

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