oh hey ya'll

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

guess who's back in the deep dirty south?
guess who's having a field day over it?
HI-YO, it's ME.
dear georgia,
i took a midnight "train" to you yesterday because you are "always on my mind."
you greeted me with your famous thunderstroms that shake the earth. you are so thoughtful. you know i loves those. and my oh my how you have gotten so green and lush since i last saw you! you are so pretty, have i told you that? i love your rolling hills, and your southern plantation like homes. i love that on the corner of the street i live on, you still have a little shop selling boiled peanuts and peaches. i love your scent. what is that again? oh, honeysuckles? divine! and my has your pear tree in my front lawn grown! don't you fret i still adore the magnolias. and the accents! don't you dare get my started on that southern drawl. i still believe my mom has a taste of that.
well listen my sweet peach, i have to get going and head to hotlanta to pick up the family, but i will say...
it's a pleasure to be back.
home sweet home.
your georgia peach.

swirly time.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

miss sass-a-frass.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i found my answer. and it makes me laugh. i think i figured out where i got my sass from.
my grandma jean.
i was going through some boxes tonight and found a cook book of recipes to remember her by. inside the book are random questions she had answered, one dealing with dating.
i cant stand dating.
i dont think she could either.
"my girlfriend begged me to double date with her. and my date was a real loser. i remember it was raining and i had my umbrella with me and threatened him if he touched me again i'd take it over his head. what an evening."
-grandma jean.
she's a hoot. im pretty sure i have said some threatening things in past dating experiences. i dont think im quite as bold as she was though. my sass was only expressed under my breath.
p.s. she was a fox.

world cup.

Monday, June 7, 2010

so the world cup begins? are you excited?
don't you love the world cup theme song? it really makes me happy.
kind of gives me the chills, makes me tear up a bit. not to mention it's an african song.
ever since my adventure to africa i fell in love with soccer, or 'futball' as the ghanaians call it. futball is their life. give them grass, give them gravel roads, they'll be playing. it's their one true love. before i left ghana, i gave my pair of nike tennis shoes to my little buddy godfred. he didn't have a pair and was playing barefoot with his buddies. i wasn't okay with that so i told him to take them. i knew having small feet would come in handy one day. i just hope those shoes take him to the world cup one day. that's his dream.
i can see it happening.
i love the world cup because it involves everyone.
i am a true believer that world wide sports makes the world go round. it allows us to become distracted of disasters and conflict with one another. we become unified in something that we all love. it's a beautiful thing really.
the world cup proves that there is a lot of good in this world. i believe more good than evil. we just don't focus on it as much as we should. so when you watch this video, smile and take in the goodness that we live in worldwide.
makes me want to travel all over and learn more about a person, a human being.
there is so much we have yet to learn of one another.
until then, we'll just unify with the world cup.
come on africa! is it bad that secretly im cheering for any african country? especially ghana? i guess my secrets out...
thank you world cup, for making the world go round.
and thank you 'wavin flag' for a song the world can sing together... happily.

memorial day weekend.

Monday, June 7, 2010

the flowers were so pretty at the st. george temple.

red rockers. I asked a lady in walgreens, "hey, do you know where the red rocks are?" she had the most pathetic look on her face and said, "which ones?"
i wasn't embarrassed at all.
no worries, we spotted the ones we had our eyes on.

emma gemma. she's a smooth rider.

i love bootleg hotels. i love mexican food. and i love to be pumped up.

smart water: only because miss jen drinks it.
(jen aniston, you know, our girlfriend...)

we found some friends on the side of the road.

well, almost a month later and im posting about memorial day weekend. i haven't even posted about my 21st birthday. maybe i'll get around to that tomorrow. you know, a month and a half later. but memorial day...
me and my female folk packed our duffels last minute and booked 3 nights at the st. george inn, or what we like to call, "bootleg inn." splitting the cost between 5 girls resulted in nineteen bucks each for the whole weekend. "jackpot" is what people call these kind of deals.
we had some pretty interesting characters reside at bootleg in. they gave us all quite the laugh and quite the scare. it was entertaining. i think we ate mexican food for every meal. cafe rio or not, it was mexican, which really upset all of our stomachs by the end of the trip. we lived off of cards under a gazebo we spotted in a park. "b.s." ruled our lives. that's all we ever did. we even contemplated on packing the cards on our death of a hike in Zions to Angels Landing. have you ever heard of Angels Landing? I haven't, so i decided to google it. DONT. all you'll find are articles of people plummeting to their death. yeah, that will really boost your confidence of surviving a hike. but we managed to conquer the sucker. im about to get a little corny here but i say it with all honesty, once i made it to the top of angels landing, i felt like i could do anything.
i. am. serious.
no really, i said that out loud.
im not embarrassed to say that.
after the hike, we hit up pools we weren't members of, played a little cards, went exploring in the red rocks and brigham youngs house, took a sunday stroll around the temple. did a little this, and a little that. laughed a lot, almost peed from laughing. keyword: almost. listen, i have great friends. adventurous friends. so adventurous we packed our bags and booked a bootleg inn last minute. and it was the best weekend i've had in awhile. so happy late memorial day to you all. i mean i hate to be over due, but what did you do on memorial day?

we've started a tradition.
until next year san jore 2011.

what's up anthro?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

yo anthro. im about to beat your system.
watch and learn kittens.
see this beautiful 'gloria's garden' rug?
well miss gloria here is quite the dream boat. i drool over her day and night. i desire to have this soon to be prized possession. but her worth is more than what's located in the bank. let's just say, lowest bid for a teeny weeny size is rounded to about $400.00.
it's a rug, i know. and im 21 years old and i live in a provolone apt.
i know, it doesn't add up. but i have this sick fetish for interior.
so here is the wow factor.
im going to make my fingers bleed for this puppy.
it's called 'embroidery.'
i bought a yard of grey fabric and mounds of thread and i am going to do all that i can to sew this rug large enough to staple gun it on a 12x24 canvas.
this rug shall now be my new mural on my 'mermaid song' green walls. above my antique headboard that i snatched.
hello summer project.
here's only the beginning. take a look at the rug up top in the bottom left hand corner.
see that yummy peachy cream blossom? that is where i begin.
this only took me three days.
and i know. the purple color is off. by a lot. i swear im not color blind. but i forgot to bring a picture to the fabric store and i kicked myself for swearing that it was purple. whatever. color swapping is cool i guess...
no, not when you're a perfectionist.
i loose faith in this project at the end of every hour that i work on. then i slap and remind myself that i can and will finish this. i don't care how long it takes.
i mean why not kill two birds with one stone and use this for my portfolio in graphic visual arts? ehh?
mommy dearest, you'd be so proud of my motivation to be artistic like you.
i'll keep you all posted on this project. it's about to own my life.
until then... it was good knowing you.
oh and anthro: eat your heart out in about 5 months. suckers.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

when you look at this picture what do you notice?
and i can't get enough of it.
well good thing we can get our hands on them
thanks to the mothership: anthro.

unfortunately my claws would have a grip on these puppies if i were made of money.
which im not.
so until then.. i'll just drool.

this might tickle your fancy

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