christmas, part III

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

If you live in Utah, I suggest you take a trip to Midway and hit up Soldiers Hallow for some great tube sledding. There is actually a place a tad bit better in Park City, but if you're looking for something closer, this is great too. We met up with our cousins and tubed away down the snowy hills. It was a blast, the little kids LOVED it. My nephew Andrew said that this was his favorite thing he did all week long. The scenery was incredible when you made it to the top of the hill and once again, it was truly a winter wonderland. On the way home we made a pit stop to Heber Cities famous burger joint, Dairy Keen. The joint is full of trains that keep the kids a rollin'. Of course we dipped our burgers and drenched our fries in Utah's famous fry sauce. It's funny to me that fry sauce is only in Utah when all it is is ketchup mixed with mayo. Either way, I could drink it. Man, we seriously never stopped eating this past week. I didn't know my stomach could be stretched so wide. Good thing the new year has struck today and it's back to square one only this time, it's for real go time. No fooling around. I'm getting hip hop ship shape. I'm a bridesmaid in THREE weddings! THREE. I don't want to regret anything that's going to be plastered all over the internet, if you know what I mean, so all of this in shape talk... is for real. Besides, the whole goal for this new year is to just be flat out healthy, think about my mind and body and leave it at that. I want to be happy with myself and proud of the decisions I make. So here's to a GREAT christmas vacation and to a HAPPY new year!

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