Oahu, Hawaii

Friday, April 22, 2016

Okay, Okay. Depsite my downer attitude in Kauai, I had a lot more fun in Oahu. Maybe it had to do with the weather being a lot better, warmer and less windy. I also felt that Oahu had a lot more to do than Kauai and I've noticed the older I get the less laying around in the sun I like to do. Don't get me wrong, I desire that golden tan but I love to gain that by being active and swimming in the ocean or pool or doing some sort of activity that won't have me finding myself bored, especially when I finished my only book I brought in Kauai.

While we were booking our trip, I essentially wanted to stay in Waikiki and at the Royal Hawaiian. So touristy of me, I know. But keep in mind, I've never been to Hawaii and for me, that's what I thought of when I'd think of Hawaii. Zeke, having lived on the island and knowing it really well, talked me out of doing so saying that Waikiki is like Las Vegas on the beach and that there are so many people and the place to stay is the North Shore. So we did just that and stayed at Turtle Bay Resort. After the trip, I am happy we stayed in the North Shore, though we did spend a day in Waikiki and walked through the Royal Hawaiian and spent time on the crowded beaches and took a catamaran out into the ocean. Truth be told, our day spent in Waikiki was my favorite day spent in Hawaii. I knew it would be too. I just loved all of the colorful umbrellas trickled along the water and it was the hottest day so swimming in the ocean was so refreshing. For me, I didn't think of Las Vegas at all, and I do not like Vegas. Waikiki reminded me more so of Miami and some areas of Palm Beach. And you know I love Miami and Palm Beach so I was sort of in Heaven.

Kauai, Hawaii

Friday, April 15, 2016

In March, Zeke and I spent our 'babymoon' if you will, in Hawaii and split our time between Kauai and O'ahu. Zeke lived in Hawaii years back on O'ahu and has been back numerous times since. For me, this was my first time to Hawaii, EVER. Shocking, I know. Every time I'd tell someone that I've never been to Hawaii they'd look at my like I was insane. Truth of the matter is, growing up in the south, our family never vacationed in Hawaii because it was too much travel time, so our go-to was always the coastline of South Carolina, Georgia, Florida (also since my grandparents lived there) and the Caribbean. Makes a little more sense, don't you think?

That being said, I'm such a southern coastal/floridan/caribbean girl. My mindset is always placed in the south and Caribbean, the way I decorate my home is very southern coastal with a lot of Caribbean flair. It's just in my DNA. I love the culture, lifestyle, and vibe.

Moving out west to Utah for school, all of my friends I made throughout the years were mostly from California, actually all of them were but just a few. Of course for them, they grew up vacationing in Hawaii and so all I hear are these amazing things about Hawaii and how I've just got to go one day. There is nothing like Hawaii. They raised the bar really high. And that's fine, because they grew up going there so Hawaii is in some ways a piece of them, like the Caribbean is a piece of me. So with that said, my expectations were extremely high.

First stop was Kauai, and yes it was beautiful and lush. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't ideal and for making a first impression, I tried really hard to not let my pregnancy hormones make me complain and become a brat. But it rained a ton, and the time we were able to be by the beach, it was very overcast and windy. So windy it was chilly enough to where Zeke and I were bundled up in our towels.

Luckily, we had one beautiful day of sunshine and we spent it touring waterfalls and the Na Pali Coast on a helicopter tour. That was pretty incredible. I couldn't even begin to comprehend it, nothing looked real to me, it was that beautiful. We ate a ton while in Kauai and just spent our time relaxing and reading our books and just lounging at the resort. Which I loved and Zeke needed. I was for sure having a great time, but deep down inside I was making a mental note that I just really loved the Caribbean and I couldn't help but compare the two. I knew that I needed to stop comparing but I'd find myself doing it constantly! How awful is that? I was in Hawaii for crying out loud! These thoughts were making me eager and excited to see what O'ahu would be like and maybe my mindset would change as well!

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, June 2015

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Like I said, I am so far behind. These are our photos from our annual family reunion in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina in June of last year. Can you tell we love the palm leaves? My cousin Estelle and I obsess over them every year as they trim the palmetto trees, and then we steal them without the landscapers looking and run from the house to the beach where the boardwalk is on fire with hot sand! It's mostly the rush because we don't know if we'd get into trouble for taking them or not so we feel a bit rebellious and then we find ourselves giggling the entire time we are fleeing away. It's become a bit of a tradition for Estelle and I. Weird, I know. 

Unfortunately, this year will be my first year of MY LIFE that I won't be able to go home in June and make it to the island because baby boy is due July 4th and I'll be past my time to fly. I am absolutely devastated, though, I have to remind myself that it's for a good reason, and an exciting one at that. I just need to find my big girl pants and stop my crying. It's just hard when I've been going to that island since I was five or six and I've never missed a year. 

With that said, I'm flying home in May, a week after my birthday to see my family and be home in Georgia for a few days and then my parents and my sisters and I are going to drive to our home on the island in South Carolina and have a last hoorah before I've got one of my own. It's just weird. Being the youngest in the family puts you in this state where you feel like for the rest of your life, you'll always be the aunt, the one without kids, and you'll always be your parents side kick and have no responsibility other than yourself. That's just hows its been my whole life and I've become very comfortable with that. Which is fine, but growing up and having change occur in life is hard to do and accept, at least for me. Even though this is a mighty good change. I feel really guilty admitting all of this but, whatever. I'd like to think I'm not the only one who feels this way, especially when expecting your first, though I do think that many people don't admit to it. Or so I'm telling myself to feel better. 

Anyways, I promise I'm really excited for this baby boy. I'm totally not coming off that way, whoops! So May. May I'll be spending it with my family, though Zeke and my brother-in-laws and my nieces and nephews wont be there, and neither will the whole gang including my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, as they will all be going in June (minus Zeke) but it will be just as fun to spend some personal quality time with my parents and sisters before life gets even more fun. So cheers to new beginnings. 

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