just what the doctor ordered.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Holy mackerel! How is it possible that just about every Sunday, I wake up with my eyes irritating me again? My eyes have been in such pain since Thanksgiving, its unbelievable. They burn, tear up, and are so sensitive to the light that I go blind when I step outside. The sun beaming off of snow isn't much help either. I need help. So after church, I'll spend my afternoon and evening just as the doctor would order. In my pjs, with no choice but to wear my glasses, sipping on a green smoothie while i lay in bed watching the classic 1950's musical "Carmen Jones."

If you want the truth, aside from my painful eyes, I really wouldn't have it any other way. This is perfect to me. To relax, is such a dream. So I will eat all this laziness up before another week begins. Cheers to beautiful, calming Sundays. And please, pray for my eyes; they are knocking the day lights outta me.


Maddie said...

Hey! This is Maddie West...Natalie Hillstead's sister. I totally love your blog and check it all the time! Just so you know someone is reading and loving it :)

Whitney said...

So glad I found your fun blog through a friend!! Your style and art are so wonderful.... Love checking back to see what you've done!

Ps those glasses are fabulous! Where are they from?

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