a bungalow becomes a home.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

the living room

the dining room

the "office"

Well since I just bombarded you with photo after photo, I can confidently say that the zoo and I finally feel at home in our sweet little bungalow. The Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and guest room really have nothing to it. We've spent all of our waking hours sprucing up the two front rooms since that is where our company spends there time. And, to be quite honest, we most likely wont live here for long so we tried our best to not invest too much into our home, but enough to be comfortable and proud.

The zoo is really fun to decorate with because he shares the same love for gold as i do. I mean, anything we could get our hands on and change to gold, we did. Such as the elephant, the fireplace screen, our hollywood regency chairs we rehapolsterd and painted white... and gold. Every photo frame in our home - gold. Luckily, the table and conch shell came gold but we are still looking to continue the gold through out our house. Call us crazy. 

Either way, it has been a blast to finally make a place feel somewhat like your home. Being able to paint the wall colors, pick out furniture and really call the shots on most things. I am especially looking forward to spring and summer. I can't wait to plant some garden rose bushes in the front yard and hang green ferns from our porch like my mom does at our house in Georgia. I also am really pumped to hang the scalloped american flags. There is nothing more American than a good ol' American home with the flag waving proudly in the summer time. I have just been day dreaming all the live long day. Whelp, welcome to our home. I hope you enjoyed the somewhat "private" tour. Hope you have a blast this weekend! And be safe! A huge snow storm just hit and the zoo drove his car into a snow bank right out side of our house. Took about ten people to get him out. yikes. 


Rebecca Anderson said...

this looks so good! love the gold.

Catherine said...

Oh so perfect. Everything. So bright and inviting! :)

Whitney said...

I love your place Rachel! Everything about it is so magical and so YOU! I especially love the fun books and gold frames on your walls. You're my inspiration :)

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