pump. pump. pumpkin-up.

Monday, October 31, 2011

hello ghosts. halloween has finally arrived. feeling the spookiness in the brisk air today i can already say that the bride of frankenstein shall soon arise from her grave! to lift her spirits, zekey-zoo and i carved away in the most perfect pumpkin a portrait of her dearly beloved, FRANKENSTEIN. ready to light the candle and set off into the dark night, our halloween frenzy awaits for fear and frights. happy halloween to you all, may you stay safe and spooked.

time to spook.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

hey you guys... my favorite holiday has finally arrived in its prime. halloween weekend. are you as pumped and spooked out as i? i have yet to go to a haunted house, can you believe that? i can't. so tonight i shall embark in a terrifying journey. zeke-a-leak heard of a free haunted house down a couple of cities in the middle of no where put on by this old lady. sounds like a plan of murder to me... i might just sit that one out and pay up the bills for one i know i can exit out of with a life to live. pumpkins will once again be carved. zeke and i carved some a couple of weeks ago. we aint too smart because they rotted the other day. gotta start all ova. and come monday, i will turn into THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN and I cannot wait. my roommates and i have been very serious of our costumes this year. and we are going halloween traditional. a mummy, the bride, a witch, this aint no skanky holiday. dont even get me started about the girls in provo who flaunt their feminine assets. put some clothes on. it's gonna be a great hallows-eve. here's a little halloween song I grew up listening to as a kiddie.

"what are you going to be on halloween night? A witch, or a goblin or a ghoul? What are you going to be, WAIT don't tell me. Wait till halloween and let me guess."

keeping it somewhat classy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

thanks to our love nicolette, us four roommates, all in a little row headed on up to the stein eriksen lodge in park city, utah for a adventurous conference weekend. for a classy place, i must say we were a tad bit out of our element. when the four of us are together, we can get a little loopy and begin to forget what it's like to be classy women. instead we pick up the characteristics of a teenage boy.

for instance, she who will not be named is never known for "fluffing." while waiting for our lodge key in the lounge, she who will not be named and i were talking, very near to our stein eriksen greeter and we were getting a little hyper. right as the greeter was ready to escort us to our lodge, she who will not be named let out the loudest "fluff" in the entire world. she who will not be named, quickly pulled herself together, eyes real wide, mouth just gaping open in awe, starred at me in terror, fearful of looking around to see if anyone else realized she had let out a fluff. I nearly collapsed to the floor wheezing, just wheezing. for the life of me, i could not pull myself together. the other two girls went ahead with our greeter, not knowing what had happened while she who will not be named and i dragged ourselves along the long long ever so long walk through the lodges. still laughing. i never gained a breath of air. i just kept replaying the fluff in my head that had occurred at the stein erikson of all places. oh my gosh, it was killing me. i wanted to just hide in a ditch and laugh hysterically with out a care in the world, but she who will not be named and i felt that we had to try and keep ourselves as content as possible and be classy for our mr. stein erikson greeter man. it didn't happen. the three ahead were so confused why we couldn't stop laughing. finally, after what felt like an hour, we arrived to our lodge and being the last to enter, the greeter sarcastically asked me if everything was okay. lying I kept my head down in embarrassment and mumbled yes. he then replied, "yeah... are you sure about that." shocked by his sassiness, i looked up and very firmly said, " yeah im pretty sure everything is a-okay, thanks for your concern." closed the door and she who will not be named and i lost it again. you most likely wont think this is as funny as i do but it was a moment like this where i find myself really happy for my friends. weird how a "fluff" can do that to someone, but honestly, we were so caught up in our laughter that everything else around us was kind of pushed aside and i can't help but think to myself, "MAN are my girlfriends hysterical."

the lodge provided us robes. mine of course was too long due to my polly pocket height. nonetheless, we took it to extreme and niki was ever so kind to share her red lipstick to add to the hype of all things. we were really just out of control, laughing at every stupid thing that was said or done. being loud and obnoxious in the ja ja ja jacuzzi. constantly talking about how excited we were to devour the all you can eat brunch buffet the next day. we acted like children. let the children play i say, so we did. we couldn't have had a better time together.

shop the ebay way.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

just a bit of info : clothes on closet blog are now shipped over to ebay. i really gotta get rid of these babies. even if you aren't planning on buying anything or bidding, please spread the word. i'd love you forever.       START SHOPPING!
p.s. more clothes to be added within a few days.

graveyard shindigs.

Friday, October 14, 2011

this picture makes me laugh for a few reasons, actually only one : zekes caterpillar resting on the top of his lip. boy does a man love a good mustache.  he really does take pride in his mario & luigi getup. i love it. he's a funny guy.

so far october has been a joy if you cut out the schooling at uvu. my roommates and i have been decorating the condo with spooky cobwebs, flying bats, and more to come. we're pretty excited for our murder mystery we'll be hosting on halloween. i can't wait for my halloween costume that miss martha stewart is guiding me through with her halloween handbook. im still trying to convince zeke to be frankenstein. i dont think he'll pull through, but thats okay. we've done nothing with our lives but rent 99 cent horror movies from blockbuster, and get stomach aches from an over load of apple cider and hot chocolate. pumpkin patches are to come within the next week and i think we're going to take on a great haunted house, or maybe even that haunted circus we've been hearing about.

you know what i really want to do that no one else does because they call me crazy? i want everyone to dress up like the old school classic ghost costume where you just cut holes for eyes in a white sheet and drape it over your body, then i want to go to a graveyard and play ghost in the graveyard wearing your ghost costume. or play hide and seek. AND EVERYONE WHO I SUGGEST THAT TOO LOOKS AT ME LIKE IM SOME SORT OF IDIOT. why does no one else think that sounds like a fun idea? its frustrating sometimes.

i remember when i was little, actually, i dont think i remember, i just hear the story so much from my parents that i feel as if i remember. but i was too young to remember the memories. anyways, i was told that as a family we were coming home from somewhere, and it was october and we drove pass a graveyard and my dad pulled the car over and asked my sisters if they could read the names on the gravestones. saying that they couldn't, my dad then dared them to get out of the car and walk up to the gravestone to get a real good look at it. well, they did and sure enough my parents took off in the car laughing, just laughing away with their two daughters wetting themselves in a graveyard, all alone wondering what kind of physcopaths are raising them. hearing the story, i dig it. because i love that kind of stuff. don't worry, my parents came back for them, but they wanted to give them a good scare and sure enough they did. i cant wait to make the whole month of october a fright fest for when i have kids. its gonna be one heck of a monster mash.

boy do i love halloween. sometimes more than christmas. dont shoot me for saying that.

there really isn't any more to say because i am so brain dead. i should be studying for a biology test but instead im on here and i really want to watch another episode of the city on netflix. that olivia palmero is a trip. wish her attitude was as nice as her style.
i have nothing more to say. what do people say on their own blogs anyway?

goodnight neverland.

good golly, miss mollie.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

numba one thing i dread doing in life : getting ready for bed. the process is a killer and its the main reason why i have horrible sleeping habits. i simply put off sleep to avoid the steps of calling it a night. it's my number one hassle. stupid huh? 

well now, it's not so much the case. you see, i here have inherited these fine goodies and good golly miss mollie, they work wonders. im seeing results and finally the steps to sleep are something to look forward to and i want to share them with you so you can find love for these products as well. 

1. donna karan cashmere mist deodorant : nordstrom (i put this on even at night because it smells so fresh. i will never switch back to anything. i swear by this) 2. tea tree skin clearing toner : the body shop (my skin has never looked more fresh and alive) 3. c.o. bigelow rose salve : c.o. bigelow apothecaries 4. rapid wrinkle repair moisturizer : neutrogena (never too early to fix sun damage) 5. moroccan oil intense hydrating mask : beauty collection ( i use this every night before i go to bed if i plan on showering in the morning. you're supposed to rinse after leaving in for 5-10 minutes, and i do in the shower, but in this case, my hair is so damaged from straight across bangs, i sleep with the mask in and rinse in the morning. besides the smell is to die for)

there you go kiddies. have fun if you decide to test these out. be sure to eat them up. 

if i could dream.

Monday, October 10, 2011

gah. i love this song oh so much. elvis has so much soul. i will say though, at times i find myself laughing at his stiff body movements but i know he's just feeling the music. zekey zoo and i watched my all time favorite suspense movie, "the skeleton key." 
this movie gets me every time for the following reasons : 

1. kate hudson, america's golden girl
2. takes place in the south : new orleans, louisiana
3. it's filled with jazz bands & gumbo
4. haunted plantation home produced of two famous ones i plan to visit
* the felicity plantation & the oak alley plantation
5. the bayou 
6. the eerie voodoo & witchcraft of the south. 

i make sure to watch this movie every time i go home to georgia, and luckily it's always on a huge thunderstorm kind of day. at the end of the movie while the credits were rolling, this song of elvis' comes on every time and i just love it. keep the credits a-rolling. i fall in love every time. enjoy this jam on your monday afternoon.

kitty cat cali q.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

(millie above)
once upon a time, my parents moved to england for a little less than a year and we sadly had to give our family cat, miss cali q. robbins away. i was devastated. i felt like i lost a loved one. my roommates made fun of my love for my cali girl, but she really was my friend. she'd sleep on the left lower end of my bed in high school every night. she'd follow me around during the day and i never minded her company. i bawled like a baby when i moved away to college because i didn't want to leave her or confuse her of my absence. she really is the love of my life.

when my parents told me the news of having to get rid of cali, i was crying to my roommates about it, and em and her boyfriend decided to surprise me a year ago with a new kitten of my own. i named her millie. but she wasn't declawed, and i wasn't home enough to give her the attention she needed. and to be quite honest, as lame as this sounds, i felt like i was cheating on my cali q. so we gave millie girl away to some friends and knew she'd be happier in a better home. i still can't believe my roommate did that. it kind of cracks me up that we had a cat for a couple of weeks.

i sure do miss my real kit cat though. i think of her often. i will say i am thankful that someone else is taking care of her and i wont be around for when she passes away. im not good with change AT ALL. and that would be a lot for me to swallow. i think i'd drop out of school with depression. so c.q. and i left off on a really good note and she's still my sister. i love my little lion cat.

(cali q and i. childhood)
she's just been on my mind tonight. a lot. so glad she was mine. i feel very blessed.
goodnight world. hope you had a great weekend.

going green.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

are you drooling? i bet you are, if not, that's fine... i question your thoughts but it's okay. we all have our own opinions. if you ask mine, i will flat out say that i oo & awe at this green machine. everything about this set up, the lamps, the golden bamboo mirror, the gold brackets and black tassels. i've got to have it. so i will attempt to do so.

im taking a huge risk right now, and im pretty excited / nervous. I have had this DI dresser for about two years now, and i did a really crappy painting job, just to get the job.  it was a pretty golden yellow, and you could see the paint dripping and i literally painted my drawers sealed shut.

well, its time to finally make an actual attempt on something nice, and this is my inspiration. with the help of my zekey zoo, we are slowly but surely getting the job done. i found the perfect kelly green paint. grabbed myself some great brackets and found some cheap-o sale anthro knobs, i mean cheap $2.00 cheap. i have this fabulous antique white lamp stand from an antique shop that i have been dying to put to use. all i need is a great golden bamboo mirror and a cheap beige lamp shade. im on the lookout, if you see anything, please feel free to let me know. i'd love that.

keep you posted on the final project! yipee!

this might tickle your fancy

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