the first snow fall.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

mark your calendar, people of utah. last night was the first snowfall of the winter season. i always thought i was going to dread it, but it helped being at the christmas lighting of riverwoods with ice sculptures, gingerbread houses and JOHN SCHMIDT banging on the keys of his piano in the center of all the festivities. did i mention zekey zoo and i and a couple of my roomies hit up the twilight saga? so not my thing, but i secretly love to sit back and have a great laugh. we were laughing so hard throughout the whole thing. it was GREAT entertainment, so worth the money. school is winding down and thanksgiving is almost here! yahoo! can't wait to be surrounded by family with more food then i can even handle. have a great weekend!!!!!

pumped for gobble gobble day.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

happy gobble gobble day can't come any quicker! holy canoly! see the above? this delicious spread of thanksgiving delights was created by the one and only mrs. lilien and her spectacular styling house. she is my all time favorite lady with the greatest sense of taste for being fancy and fabulous. if you haven't seen her styling blog i dare you to dive in. you'll be sure to drown in the depths of her razzle dazzle-ness. im using the above as inspiration for decorating our early roommate thanksgiving feast this sunday. i can't wait.

this week has been nothing but deadlines and crunch time with the art side of life at school. ceramics class has been on panic mode for every student. the cut off date for projects is the 22nd and i myself am a turkey with my head cut off. i live, i breath, i eat school right now. with that said, the weekend ahead will be somewhat calm compared to this week but it will be nothing like the break ahead when i have no class to attend, no more clay to throw on the wheel and nothing but food at my plate. due to all of the above, i have taken no photos of my social life, zekey zoo has to be patient with my busy bee schedule and i come home around 9pm eat a late dinner and hit the sack. woe is me, woe is me. parents arrive a week from today and i'll be dancing with joy! can't wait to be surrounded by family and festivities.

hope your hectic week can come to a calm and we'll all kick back for a pre-thanksgiving weekend. happy wednesday my kiddies. we are half way through the week ALRIGHT!

jerusalem. oscar. color galore.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

this is what i blog about during the weeks when my life constantly consists of learning the architecture and works of art in the middle east in my art history class and practicing watercolor clipart of the fashion muses of oscar de la renta for watermedia and dreaming of both jerusalem and wearing oscar's gowns. so while i dream, i blog and share with you because it ain't the weekend yet then i haven't done my usual dinner and a movie with the zeke-attack.

today in my art history class we had really great lectures on the architecture of a well known islamic building, "dome of the rock" located in jerusalem. i have always drooled over this building. always. i can't get over the color palette, the texture and colors in the rock and the intricate detail of pattern and design. really, overall this building just baffles me. i want to wear it, it's just that beautiful. it's funny too because in my watermedia class we are working on a project that is considered "portfolio worthy" and the subject matter is whatever our precious hearts desire, so of course i go to the fashion route. im taking my favorite fashion designer, oscar de la renta whom i previously posted about and taking individual photos of his runway collections from seasons past and present and turning them into watercolor sketches or what some call clipart. im really excited about these and the dresses i have been choosing have been some of my favorite gowns that i wish hung in my closet. instead they lay two dimensionally on my watercolor paper. either way, the color scheme of the gowns have coincidentally somewhat tied in with the color scheme of the "dome of the rock" and the "prayer hall door" at tsamchen gompa-kathmandu, nepal.

i came across this realization when i had posted these favorite images of mine on my pinterest and they were all layed out beautifully, one next to another and i thought to myself, "my oh my isn't that such a rich looking site." i kind of couldn't stop starring at it. that's kind of the artist in me. im sure whoever you are, reading this is thinking "i don't get what the big deal is." but what im saying is, i really just get a kick out of the most simplest things and to me, they are beautiful and exciting.

this is the main reason why i obsess over "anthropologie." This is what i figure :
The correct spelling of "anthropologie" is "anthropology." this, im sure you know. and the definition of "anthropology" is : the study of humankind, in particular. the comparative study of human societies and cultures and their development.
with that said, im sure you've swept through the store anthropologie yourself, and while drooling maybe have thought, "this looks a little african" or "oh this skirt looks peruvian." there has been so many encounters where i have seen a skirt that was made from fabric that is very well known in ghana, africa. on my trip to ghana the people raved over this certain fabric. it was rich and holy to them.

 well let me tell you something: to me, i figure the clothes that anthropologie decides to sell in their store for whatever season, is inspired by a specific culture from around the world. they study the people, they study their architecture and where they are from and from there, they take that inspiration and show it off to the world in the form of textiles. therefore, the correct spelling of "anthropology" is defined by what you wear. literally. there you have it. i cracked the code. and this is why i love to combine fashion, travel and art all in one because all three elements look to each other for inspiration and a language of beauty.

so with that said, i look at the above and think, my gosh i would kill to design a line of clothing inspired by jerusalem and the buildings that stand so proudly on their sand. wish i were a designer. i can be, and i will be in spare time, but man do i wish i could make things come to life. i did back in the day when i had my mom who is an out of this world seamstress, but now i live far far away across the nation with no seamstress at all, but dreams of "what ifs." hope you see the beauty that i see in fashion and travel. it really makes me happy when i burry myself in this kind of stuff. it's what makes me one happy girl. now im going to burry myself in the pages of my new harpers bazaar magazine. lady beyonce' is on the cover and i am beyond thrilled.

p.s. the girl in the last picture in front of the "dome of the rock" is my gal pal lani. and she was so blessed to see the sites in person this past spring. and when this photo fell smack on my computer screen, i about died. so envious of her exploring. and isn't she quite the babe?

because everyone should be a colorful person.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

gah. i am so excited for kate spade introducing her new collection of color! half the reason why i get giddy over jcrews fall/winter collection because they are finally dabbing us with a touch of color! it's about time... that's all my closet lives for. this is also 10 times the reason why i fancy miss spade, she sure does a great way of advertising her collections. enjoy.

looking for an adventure.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

holy moly, me oh my. im dying to plan an adventure, just dying due to this cold weather that has now set foot in utah. buurrrrrr, i say. my teeth chatter in bed at night. our heater constantly kicks itself out of business leaving us roomies in the bitter freezing cold. all i dream of at night is kicking it classy in the Raleigh Hotel in Miami, Florida. like they say, it is "effortlessly chic and impossibly seductive." goodness, to swim in a pool with such a hollywood regency style, everything so glam and then dine under the twinkling lights in the heat right along the sea. yeah, i'd wish for that right now. and then skip to ma lu to all the nice vintage home decor stores and drool over my wants in a future home. wouldn't the be the dream? i can't wait to dream this tropical dream of mine tonight.... and then wake up to the cold and school. gahh...

here's to you birthday girls.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

birthdays, birthdays, birthdays galore to two precious girls whom i adore! marissa and becca, two babes for sure have graced us with their high energy, wittiness and good company once again. so glad to have these girls in my life. they are great friends with great advice, great support and assure you a good time. couldn't be any happier to be surrounded with their presence and grace. the boys can't even handle it either... this i know to be true. it was a grand time making our rounds through the canyons to park city and ending in the great salt lake for a fancy dinner and shopping with marissa and then to dine in a grove of lemons at la jolla followed by some homemade milk and cookies with friends who are close to the heart. happy birthday loveies. may another year treat you well.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

halloween has come and gone. the month of tricks and treats was spooky and exciting. we had a few scares, watched the classic halloween movies, decorated the home with bats galore, let pandora play monster mash jams through the night and spent hours putting together our halloween costumes. my favorite month was spent wisely. the bride of frankenstein and her ghost and ghoulish friends danced the night away with the dead. well i danced solo with my roomies and friends. zekey zoo on the other hand, spent his night hiding in the bushes spooking the rest of our terrifying friends. he's a goof. hope you all had a spooky and safe halloween. until next year.... 

classy man, classy show.

Monday, November 7, 2011

my favorite man in the fashion industry : mr. oscar de la renta. he sure knows how to dress woman and make them feel the prettiest they have ever felt. he sure knows how to make them feel so good with a little serenade as well. like i always say, "oscar knows women, better then they know themselves." it'd be my dream to work with this man. classy and timeless. such a way to woo a lady. at least for me.

this might tickle your fancy

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