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Friday, February 1, 2013

We did it! We pushed through January and today is the first day of celebrating love! And to top it off, the snow storms have calmed down and the temperature has risen and the sun is shining! Oh happy day! I woke up this morning and dedicated the day to one of my favorites, the king, Elvis Presley. I love his music, especially his soul music with the choirs. It takes me back home and brings a smile to my face. Despite his troubles, and the fact that I did not live during his time, I can still confidently say that he was one cool cat and I love hearing stories of this legend. I love going through photos of him and his one true love, Priscilla, and I love the fact that he still impacts the world today with his raw talents. This wedding photo of Elvis and Priscilla is one of my favorites, everything is perfect from the drastic contrast of the black and white, to Elvis' perfect classic tux and his white pom pom carnation. They look so happy and I love that. I love that America has a holiday dedicated to love and love only. It's good to know that there is a lot of love in this world and that we are all capable of love despite who you are, what your story is and where you come from. Even if you don't have a sweetheart this month, you have family, friends and admirers that are filled with love for you, and that's all that counts. So let's be kind and spread the love, wether it be through music, notes, sweet nothings, gifts, service, kind words, and good deeds. And for the love of all, let's spend February tapping our toes to the king and let him sing to us of love, for there ain't anything better. 

"because I love you too much baby": suspicious minds, Elvis Presley

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brooke elyse said...

I agree about what you said- you don't need a sweetheart to enjoy Valentine's day (although I'm sure it's a nice bonus). Happy February to you and yours!


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