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Sunday, February 24, 2013

You're jaw has dropped, hasn't it. It's because you took one glance at that beautiful pink building known as the Don Cesar Hotel in Florida, so basically, it's the blushing version of the Great Gatsby. This photograph of the Hotel was shot by a photographer for a wedding. Now, don't get me wrong. I am in love with how my wedding turned out, photos and all, and I wouldn't change a thing, but my gosh, it would have been a dream to have it at this beauty. I loved the softness of the photo yet, it's still so rich in color and bright. I am so in love with this photo. I am such a sucker for buildings with intricate detail and loud colors. I might just be so in love with this photo that I could possibly paint it on a very large canvas this summer. It's very tempting, and I love a good challenge.

I'm still craving doughnuts if you haven't noticed. I think the craving will go away once my Nicolette comes and goes through the happy valley. She arrives on Wednesday and I am so excited to have her for a week like the olden days! Unfortunately, I know we'll be double fisting doughnuts down are throats and now that I've come across this amazing recipe of Myers Lemon Bars, I have another craving to fill. I am ruined.

I've been getting antsy for this southern dinner party that I want to throw either in the spring or summer. I want to go all out and these pineapple/flamingo invitations are pretty amazing. Although they aren't really hitting up that southern vibe, I'm still drooling over them.

These photos are just a few of my favorites pinned on pinterest lately. Not that you care, which I'm sure you probably don't; I have this weird thing for adoring the layout of pretty photos all in a row. If you'd like to follow me on pinterest, take a gander, Rachel's Pinterest

Hope the weekend has been treating you well! We got hit with another blizzard, rah-rah! But no worries because it's true, the Oscars are tomorrow night! Sheyeahhh!

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