croix is such a saint.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another one down, like a hundred more with plenty of exaggerations to go. This pretty little girl up here was quite the experiment and very unpredictable - very. Nope, this one here ain't oil like I typically do. I had to expand my horizons and dip my toes in the water of fluid acrylic mixed with water for the pours. Did I enjoy it? Eh, not so sure. The process of working with open acrylic is definitely more difficult, not as rich in color and created a unique texture on the canvas. I'm team oil for sure but with the assignment given, teachers orders I'll obey. She turned out great though and my friends love it, so with that, I believe she's a success. I call this piece, "Croix" for the Caribbean Island, St. Croix. As you know, all of my titles for my pieces are southern and caribbean related terms/names. I know this piece doesn't have quite the Caribbean vibe, but for some odd reason, she looks like a Croix. And by golly is Croix a Saint for getting through difficult process of making her playfully pretty.

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