valentines eve.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Does this Kate Spade outfit from New York Fashion Week 2013 scream valentines day? With the bow, the rosy blends of tweed and the delicious pants, don't you just want to deliver flowers in that get-up!? Too bad I ain't got nothing that fancy to wear! Tomorrow isn't going to feel quite like Valentines Day for the Zoo and I. I have classes that by attendance, I am required to go to, and they end at 9 pm. Gross, and the Zoo always works late with his new job but he's definitely home before I am. I'm sure I've already told you all of this, SO we are going to have Cupid extend the holiday for us and we'll be celebrating it on Friday! So I guess I get two Valentines Eve! Wooo hooo!

For those celebrating tomorrow have a blast, even if you don't have a significant other, get together with your girlfriends and have a freaking ball! xoxox!

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