c.z. please.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gah, take a look at C.Z., isn't she strikingly beautiful, stunning, effortless and chic? Her American style is a dream. She was noted as 'Best Dressed' in 1959 and became an icon of American Fashion. She rose to fame through her acting on stage, her writing, fashion designs and horse racing. She lived an elegant life, ritzy and to the hilts that was lavish and beautiful. Photographers swooned over the beauty of C.Z. including one of my favorites, Slim Aarons. The list doesn't end, artists also wanted to paint C.Z. including Andy Warhol.

Want me to make your jaw drop even more? C.Z. married Winston Frederick Churchill Guest, who yes you guest it, cousin of Winston Churchill. C.Z.'s husband was a national polo champion and asked Ernest Hemingway to be his best man at his and C.Z.'s wedding. With a positive response, Hemingway insisted that the wedding take place at Hemingway's home in Havana, Cuba. Okay, SURE, WHY NOT?

C.Z. became the Icon for American Society. C.Z. was nothing short of being a lady and did everything that women love to do, but she took it to the extreme. She was an avid gardener and spent so much time on her estate gardening that she was asked several times to write books on the secrets and 'how-to's" of gardening, so that she did! She began her own clothing line which was simple and consisted of plush cashmere sweaters and included a limited line of sportswear for women. C.Z.'s two estates, one in Long Island, New York and my favorite one in Palm Beach, California where she was always photographed with her great danes and puppies. Talking about living a leisure life!

I don't know why C.Z. intrigues me, but she does. The way she carries herself is so silently lovely and confident and really, all she did was expand her horizon with her talents and for that she was recognized and admired. Coming from money definitely helps but her beauty within shines. C.Z. is one of my favorite icons of beauty and so for my series of "Luck Be a Lady" portraits she was on the list and away she went! Today was the day of completion and I am ecstatic with how she turned out. Though C.Z. has past, she will always be a staple in American Style and Society and she'll continue to steal America's heart.

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