Valentines Day Part I

Friday, February 15, 2013

There is something about Valentines Day where I'd rather make the Zoo a gift than buy him something. Maybe I'm just being lazy and cheap, but since we've been dating, we always got a little creative, even if the gifts were bought but were more gag gifts. Valentines Day is just playful, exciting, fun and not so serious to me. Also, due to a budget, I made sure to stay within my means. Thanks to pinterest I was able to find some  sweet love coupons that you can download and print off yourself. Cha-ching. And then I had to throw in some luscious wax lips, which are bomb and I do plan on wearing them for our night out. I made this card for the lips with an exacto knife and I don't advise trying it. My hand is bruised like no other, and I can't decide if it was worth the pain. We'll see when the Zoo just toss' this thing the trash the next day...

Our first Valentines Day together the Zoo went all out and made this enormous card out of cardboard, haha and he painted on it, and burned the edges with a match and sewed up the binding. Of course, I still have the card, which makes me laugh every time I pull it out, but the fact that he went through all of that trouble really made me weak in the knees. Not to mention, the poem written inside was on point. It's the little things that make you bat your lashes and become a little mushy gushy from time to time, and that's needed every now and then. I'm by no means a sappy romantic, but I think Valentines Day is a good enough excuse to let my guard down and give that romantic side a whirl. I mean, once a year can't hurt, right?

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