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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Good gosh, doesn't this look so deliciously delightful? Everyone I think, to a certain degree has their own "trademark" if you will, or pieces that suit them individually. For me, I admire gorgeous costume necklaces, but I sadly don't fancy wearing them. I wish I enjoyed it, but there is something about a necklace just sitting on my chest and cutting into the neckline of my shirt that drives me crazy, physically and visually. But when I see other girls wearing necklaces that I adore I see how lovely it can look. But I just can't do it. I buy necklaces, don't get me wrong. But I mostly do it for all of the wrong reasons. Don't tell the zoo. Esthetically necklaces, especially intricate and costume like ones are so deliciously beautiful and in some way or another, it becomes a piece of decor. Almost like a statue, that I would love to just frame and display in a beautiful glass box. Kind of like you see, all of the time in J.Crew with their luscious Collection pieces. It's like walking through a museum of delicate art. So, I don't stop myself from collecting necklaces because in all honestly, I just love to adore and look at them in my spare time.

So since I don't wear them as often as I'd like, (which I do wear them on occasion) my go to signature piece of jewelry would be that of vintage classic brooches. You can't get me to swoon and bat my eyes over anything else other than brooches. I love to collect them, and yes, I do in fact wear them. I wear them so often, that I've had many of the Zoo's guy friends call me "The Brooch Lady." Whether that's a compliment or not, I'll take it and own it with confidence and pleasure. One of the Zoo's friends justifies my broochness with the fact that I'm southern. Sure, why not? Really though, brooches are so chic, classy and timeless and I can't help but think of my Grandma. Good fashion can't go to waste so I've inherited a few of hers, and my mom and I go vintage shopping all of the time to find the most unique brooches.

I used to think my collection, which is still small and growing, was rockin' but when I view these pretties, I realize a lot of work has to be done and spring and summer are gonna creep up on me sooner than I realize so I've gotta get going and add to the collection! Sadly, I just envision myself as a really old lady being out of control with my looks, classy looking nonetheless, but still stylish and I want my grandkids to have field days looking through my jewelry and viewing it as treasure! I know that's what I sure did as a kid! I look at brooches as though they are heirloom, and I intend for my future children and grandchildren to look at them that way as well. What's your signature trademark?

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brooke elyse said...

I'd love to see the different ways you wear them! I love "pretty things" but have such a hard time incorporating them into an outfit... except scarves... oh scarves!! (that's my stable I guess you could say)


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