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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

break from school, a gigantic slice of cake, and a holiday in the sun, are just a few things that my poor self needs at the moment. 1.) I finished my third portrait as seen above. And I feel good about it. This is a girl who was photographed on the streets for street fashion and she scream Audrey Hepburn. Many people in my painting class kept saying, "Oh I love that you're painting Audrey." Easy mistake, that girls life must be hard...

2.) Even though I have been kicking the crap outta myself with eating healthy and working out hard since January first, I'm getting even more in gear these next two weeks. Why? Oh because my gal pal Nicolette is coming and staying with me from New York City, and our favorite past time is pounding fist fulls of doughnuts. And I know that we'll be doing it. So I've got to be on my best behavior now, so that I can have a little fun on the weekend. But I am so craving cake right now, and I don't even care for cake.

3) I need a holiday in the sun. Bad. Like real bad, Michael Jackson bad. Luckily, I have California to look forward too for a long weekend in, four weeks. So I shouldn't be crying but I am. I can't wait to ditch the snow for some time and burry my feet in the sand and fry like an egg in the sunlight. It's the only dosage of medicine that will heal me. Also, I just want my art show to be over with. It's given me anxiety and I ain't down with that.

So, as you can see, I am in dire need of these three things. On a great note, Valentines Day is Thursday. Sadly, that is my busiest day of school and I am there from 8:30 am - 9 pm. So the Zoo and I will celebrate on Friday, and to top it off, holiday on Monday so there, I guess one wish was granted - a break from school.


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