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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Zoo was quite unexpected. On our first date, I was freaking out. After months of hanging out casually with friends, he finally got one on one and took me to dinner. Days before picking me up for a night out, he assured me that he was going to kiss me at the front door. Hence, the panic mode I was put in. For some reason, I believed him too. Obviously, he didn't do such a dramatic thing, but I do remember he brought some flowers and I was pleasantly surprised, for this kid was nothing but sarcasm and jokes. I didn't see this gentleman gesture coming.

We spent the night eating Indian Food, at a restaurant which is now our personal favorite whose hostess', Lucky and Cher, we can now call our friends. The date was cliche' as to what we did, but conversation wise, I had never laughed that hard or blushed that pink in my whole dating life. I really don't think I had the will to speak because I was laughing uncontrollably. A lot of the laughter was pure humiliation as he was cracking jokes left and right and causing a scene with the couple sitting near to us. Boy, was he a firecracker, and I was digging it. Normally, dates feel like job interviews, you know? "So, where are you from? What's your major?" First date with the Zoo? Far from an interview. In fact, he didn't ask one thing about me! And it was really refreshing. Instead, our conversation was flirty, witty, pointless, but continuos and natural. The date was short, and he dropped me off, and I found myself thinking, "What the heck was that?"

Normally, with a boy, I can't speak properly because I am so nervous and I'm trying to be cool. That night with the Zoo, I didn't care what I said, what I looked like, how I was acting. I was so comfortable, at ease, and in pain from laughing that I was a bit curious as to what was going on. I had no plans on dating this kid. None, at all. But he had quite the unique charm, and I had never experienced one quite like him. And I think that was what hooked me; the fact that he was so unexpected and the fact that he liked me, but showed me in the most nonchalant way. He was different, mysterious, adventurous, witty, and though I didn't want to, I was getting hooked. And boy did he play his cards right. He backed off for a little bit, reasons unknown, which had me acting like a fool. Calling for him, making plans with him and then I realized, he had won. I was smitten. And he laughs till this day knowing it. And I grin thankfully because I am glad that this unexpected Valentine is mine for good. You never know who you're going to fall for. To be honest, I think it's more exciting when your valentine ends up not being the man of your dreams. You need something different to keep you living, laughing and loving. The Zoo was quite the treat. He's a funny little Valentine and I do adore every bit of him.

Happy Valentines Day to you and yours.

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Ed and Amanda said...

I totally agree, it's best when it's someone unexpected and he's not the one who fulfills your whole list you made in young women's because then you find out he's better! I love you and Zeke!

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