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Monday, March 4, 2013

It was such a treat to have one of my best friends come back into town. Nik is getting married in August, and came out for a long weekend to get some planning done and it was a blast to be a part of it. It was a great reunion to be with my best friends. It was just like old times, which weren't too long ago. We cackled, maybe tinkled a little from laughing, ate like no freaking other, and lost a ton of sleep and just went right back into the way things ought to be. I love me some girl time, and it's especially special to spend it planning two weddings for Marissa and Nicole. I've been so wedding hungry lately. It is so much more fun being involved in a wedding when you're not the bride, but there is always that moment where you wish you could do it all over again.

Marissa and I are booking it to California in two weeks as we are bridesmaids for our dear friend Kristi. Then I'm a bridesmaids in Marissa's wedding in June, following being a bridesmaid in Nik's wedding in August. Can you see why I am wedding hungry? It's just back to back of loads of fun. I just love my girls so much. I grew up really hanging out with only boys kicking it "Boy Meets World" style and never really saw the goodness of having a great girlfriend and more. Thanks to collage and roommates, I've been blessed to gain sisters rather than friends. I've gained more family then I have ever imagined including their husbands who feel more like brothers. I can't wait for our kids to either hate each other or love each other. Whatever the outcome, they'll always be a huge part of mine and the zoo's life.

With the wedding planning, Nik is having her reception at the La Caille Venue and I am drooling over the lushness of the greenhouse we'll be dining and dancing in. We found her dress, first one she tried on! Everything was perfect and went smoothly, and I have no doubt that Marissa's wedding is going to be stunning. So many exciting things are coming our way, and I am so giddy just thinking about it all.

Any hoo, the bungalow is much quieter now that Nik jetted off on that red eye flight to the big apple. But all is well cause i'll be seeing her in May. Sorry for the not so great quality of photos. I used my phone the whole weekend. I really need to get into the habit of busting out my new camera the Zoo got me for Christmas. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and may this week be good to you!

P.S. I don't want to jinx it, but I do believe Spring is finally here in Utah. For the past week, it's been sunny and in the high 40's, and the week ahead is predicting the same. Let's just keep our fingers crossed.

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