one ticket for a magic carpet ride to egypt please,

Friday, April 26, 2013

I would like one ticket for a magic carpet ride to egypt por favor! The Zoo and I have been wrapped up in watching all of The Mummy movies with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. They are secretly some of my favorite movies to watch because it takes me back to the days when they had come out in theaters and I was beyond thrilled.

Egypt is another topic of discussion that I am very well pleased with and totally into. I remember seeing previews for this movie on t.v. and asking my dad all sorts of questions about Egypt. I was fascinated and still am. I even begged for a computer game that was based in Egypt and all about mummies in hieroglyphs, the only reason my parents agreed to buying it for me, was that it was a MATHEMATICS COMPUTER GAME, clearly, I was desperate to consume my spare time with anything Egypt.

What a dream it would be to visit the sand pyramids of Egypt, explore the tombs of mummies that are cursed with spells, visit the City of the Dead, giddy-up on camels, and discover hieroglyphs! Now that sounds magical to me!

The Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City is currently exhibiting Mummies Around the World. The Zoo and I have been dying to go! I love to educate myself on ancient history, I can get pretty caught up into too. So this exhibit is surely a must see!

I'll keep you posted if I am able to go to the exhibit, until then, I'll be dreaming on my magic carpet ride.

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