a hoppy hoppy easter!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter came quick this year, but boy was it sure good to us. The weather was beautiful and it was evident that spring was quickly blooming. It was a beautiful reminder of rebirth and the resurrection of our Savior, and that He has risen, and that He lives. Through him, we are able to live again, after this life with our families and having this knowledge brings such peace and joy. Easter is a special time of year, it's the celebration of life, birth, death and sacrifice. I am so grateful for the blessings I have been given, for the health and strength I have to carry own through my days, for the family I have been blessed with and for the family I have gained within the past year. I am grateful for my education and for my talents that fill my soul with happiness. I am thankful for the Gospel that enriches my life.

Maybe it's because I am getting older and becoming more aware of life and what we have to live for, but I want to purge away the distractions that take away moments in life that we can never get back. I am trying real hard to simplify my life and break away from my phone especially. When the Zoo is home, I want to put my phone away and give all of my attention to him and have great conversations, good senseless fun and laughter and take in those moments. I want to keep that dang phone in my purse when I am out to lunch or dinner with family and friends. And when I have free time and need a break from painting, I want to get outside and bask in the beautiful weather and read a good book, educate myself. I just don't want to waste anymore time. I want to slow time down and really bask in the company of my family and friends because each and every one of them are blessings to me.

I've just been filled with such happiness this time of year and I feel so blessed. This Easter has been good to me and I hope yours was just as nice! Hoppy Easter to you all and I hope April Fool's day wasn't to harsh on you! Yikes!

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