i'd like to say it's the pink version of the great gatsby.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I introduce you to the pink version of the Great Gatsby, I give you, The Don Cesar Hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida! The first time I saw a photo of this beaut, I knew that I had to have a painting of it, and I knew the only way to have it, was to do it myself and the thought of that was quite a doozy. I knew it would be a challenged but I knew that if it was successful it would be a proud moment in my career.

I've explored new techniques and have fallen in love with creating a base layer of texture with gesso and applying thick layers of oil with a palette knife. It's like icing a cake. I'm really happy that I pushed myself to do this and decided last minute I would paint this subject matter for my final. I cornered myself into having no choice but to finish and accomplish the challenge. I can confidently say, a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this, and I also wanted to punch a hole with my fist through the canvas at one point. But I resisted, and now this painting has become one of my most personal prized possessions. It will definitely be a heirloom in the family.

Does anyone know how to fire proof a painting?


leslie burket. said...

Your Don is stunning! Just beautiful!
You must make prints!!!
(and try the Vinoy now, our other pretty pink hotel!)

Courtney Schramm said...

This is amazing! Perfect.

Alex said...

seriously... you should do a series of pink hotels. it would be a fun excuse to travel to places you might not initially think of going. this painting rocks.

this might tickle your fancy

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