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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Well, after my sob story from down below. I'm bucking up and couldn't help but feel more cheerful with some of my favorite things right now that are bright and cheerful. I have a lot to look forward to within the next week and by golly I'm going to be happy about it!

First off, a year later, and I'm still swooning over J.Crew's Spring Collection of 2012. Sadly, I have those floral cafe' pants and they don't fit as crisp on me like they do on her. Spring break starts on Friday, so I have nothing to gloom about. I get to dedicate a week to painting and hopefully make some mula. I'm going to whip out a few more abstracts and I want to tackle a "landscape" with architecture. Totally out of my element but change is good, remember?

I'm finally getting my hair cut and colored- it's been since November and I need to feel alive and clean. I am considering cutting three inches off. I know, how "drastic" of me, but I've come to terms that I will never have that long luscious mane past my boobs with a middle part like they all do out here. Let's be real, I look like a boy with a middle part, slightly fatter and the longer my hair gets, the nastier it becomes and it ain't me babe. I've been tempted to cut my straight across bangs again, but if that ever goes down, it won't be until the summer. It's taken me three years to grow my bangs out and to finally have no sort of bang over my forehead, be it straight or swoop, so I need to get to a healthy length and take advantage of this no she-bang time before I get all crazy.

Even though the Utah weather is warming up a bit, I'm even luckier to drive down to the coast of California for my friend Kristi's wedding. So excited to be a bridesmaid. She is going to look so stunning and I am so happy for her and happy for wedding season. I'm finally going to take advantage of my new camera and take a butt load of shots, warm up the lens a bit and explore. I'm going to soak in some rays wearing my favorite outfit - a one-piece tank. And by golly, I deserve an ice cream cone because I've been so good with my eating habits (aside from this past weekend, due to girls nights out) and all I ask for is a whoppin' cone. And Zekey, if you hear me, I really think that watch is pretty.

and Paris is always a good idea.

So, without further adieu, I'm going to take my sappy sorrows from the post below and go run them off at the gym before I keel over. The sun is shining, my class was cancelled today - hip hip hooray!

Thanks for listening to me yap. I am a yapper, you know.

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