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Monday, March 25, 2013

Utah randomly just purged out a few snow storms over the weekend. I do believe I jinxed myself running my mouth. The good news is, as it was snowing it was continually melting due to the fact it was still too warm out, so I ain't threatened. This week my chin is up as the weather will warm up again and the sun in shining through the clouds today.

When the sun is bright out, and the foliage outside begins to show it's green side, it gives me a little spring in my step and I can't help but get washed up into the whole hoolahhh of spring cleaning. My house is a mess. For being so small, it's a wrap when I clean it but it can get trashed within seconds. Not proud of admitting it, but I am in the mood to pull out the duster, some trash bags and bleach and go at it. The Glitter Guide is sharing their "Glitter Guide Spring Cleaning Checklist" and it's the go-to list if you're looking for one. Never have I ever been this excited to get down and dirty. It's free if you want it! All you got to do is print it off!

In other news, Easter Sunday is so close and I am realizing, I have done nothing to make it feel like the holiday. It's hard not having kids. Do the Zoo and I really want to put on an Easter Egg hunt for the two of us? I mean, I'd be down, but realistically, it's just not gonna happen. I would like to at least color some eggs, but we'll see what we are up for when the weekend rolls around. Luckily, I found this amazing tutorial from my friend Alison over at The Alison Show who is constantly blowing Martha Stewart otta the water. This was the cheapest holiday decor I have ever done with the help of paint chips! Holy moly, me oh my, how adorable is this "Carrot Chip Garland?" All it takes is a glue gun to get the job done. So I went to it and made my own garland for my brick white fireplace and spring has sprung just a hare in mine and the Zoo's home. It feels good to bring some light and color into our home when the seasons are blooming. So I sure hope you get your fill for the Spring Cleaning Check-list and your Carrot Chip Garland! Have a blast if you do choose to do so!

Happy Monday to you all!

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