holy hanneli.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Holy Hanneli Mustaparta is right! Check out my new muse? Isn't she a beaut? Maybe this is stretching it but there is something about her features and the way that she dresses that reminds me of a modern day Jackie Kennedy. I'm digging her sunnies and I love the way she wears her head scarfs. I'm definitely going to attempt her look this summer, but what I am really going to attempt is painting a Hanneli Portrait. I just adore her so and love her style that it's hard to not attempt.

I'm currently working on another Grace Kelly portrait. I know, my first one was Grace, but I've seen the improvement with my later portraits and I am just no longer satisfied with the job I did, and since Grace is my number one girl, I want to make one that I adore. After Grace, comes Hanneli. And that may be the end of my series for the semester! Who knows, if I have time I'll add in one more, but sadly I'm about to get a little burnt out. Now, that doesn't mean I'm done with portraits forever! Heavens no! I just need some time to focus on other projects, that's all. I still have five more abstracts to do by April... eeh you could say I'm a little behind.

Oh yeah, spring break starts tomorrow, bless my heart!

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