a saint barths adventure.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ahh, the sweet lifestyle of a J.Crew Model. Something I would love to do, but you know, with my height and all, that really puts the damper on the dream. So, I dream and swoon through photos. A key place on my list of to-go-to's is the luscious St. Barths in  the Caribbean. They say it's the St. Tropaz of the Caribbean Seas, and the vast amount of pirates gold and treasure that has yet to be discovered really toots my horn of excitement. St. Barths is famous for it's secluded beaches. Legend has it, a French pirate buried his treasures of gold somewhere on the island in the late 1700's and it hasn't been found... yet!

I am a sucker for the Caribbean. Any island in those warm turquoise waters is my weak spot. To combine the oh-so classics of a J.Crew spread on St. Barths is like fireworks and I am obsessed with J.Crew's favorite shots they got throughout their adventure, while soaking up the sun in their new Spring Collection. I thought I'd share my favorite photos if you havent been on their site to see them yet.

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