viva las vegas.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Whelp, I got my fix for Viva Las Vegas! All it takes is just a couple hours or maybe just a day of strolling around the city of lights to fix my craving for Vegas. On the drive down to California, we passed through and decided to stop for about three hours since my friend Hayley, who was with us, had never been. The weather was perfect. In fact, I was sweating and actually enjoying it. It was clear blue skies, sunny with a high of 80 something. The streets surprisingly weren't TOO crowded as we went from casino to casino admiring vegas' attempt to mimic New York, Paris, India & Rome.

I think that's one thing I love about Vegas, it's a city made up of Disney World/Land characteristics where everything is staged to make you feel a certain way as if you were in another land far far away. Though it never compares to the real deal, I still adore the architecture. Now all I need is a day at Disneyland or even better, take a trip over seas.

On a side note, my parents spent their weekend in Hilton Head Island & Savannah, Georgia and the eeriest thing broke out on the news that just solidifies Savannah as a whole. A cemetery in eastern Savannah, was found with two graves dug up, the caskets out on the ground. One casket was damaged, while the other casket was found open and the body missing! Leave it to Savannah to go through all the trouble to create a mystery dealing with the dead! Can you believe it? My jaw dropped when my parents told me the news. I instantly became the inner Nancy Drew that I am, and I so badly wanted to grab my flashlight and magnifying glass and head straight to Savannah for some sleuthing. I can't stop thinking about this mystery!

Any hoo, wedding posts for my friend Kristi to come soon!

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