spring break thus far.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ah, I did it. I finally pushed myself to go to school today, on my Spring Break, while the school is closed, yes. And I began a new abstract that will be absolutely chic! Seen above is only the first layer. To get a better view, you can check out my instagram: RachieRobb. I can't wait to throw in some creamy lemons, nudes and peach tones in the mix of the greens. I hope it turns out as fabulous as I envision it in my head.

In other random, not important news, I got my haircut and colored today and I feel brand new. I cut off three inches and for once my "bangs" are almost as long as the length of my hair. I think I'm going to hold off on the whole she-bang idea because I've never experience this before and I feel so clean.

The weather has been amazing. I took an evening bike ride, alone. Well, I started out riding next to the Zoo as he ran, but he started to take me up hill, and I already did my workout for the day, and my tire was semi-flat so I ditched him and did my own thing with my motown music on full blast and I was in my element. I am kind of sad to leave warmness of Utah on Thursday because this is all so sudden and new for Utah and I have no idea how long it plans on sticking around. But I can't complain when I'm currently packing my bags for California. Though the trip is going to be quick, I'm going to take in every bit of it. I wish the Zoo could come with be but I'll be going solo, with friends of course, but it's just not the same without my love.

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