"frenchie" & some tangelos.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gah, thank the heavens above, I have finally finished my second painting out of six for my abstract series this semester. Did you know that finals are in three weeks? I have to knock out four abstract paintings in three weeks... what have I done to myself? This abstract, which I call "Frenchie" was a real pain. It started off great, ending up with some beautiful milky pours, and then when I tried to forget my brain and slab some thick oil on the canvas with the pallet knife, I thought I butchered the poor thing. It's all about the process and not allowing the process of it to drive you up a wall until your painting is finished. Fortunately, I think I am having a love affair with "Frenchie" and I may like her just a wee bit more than my "Boulevard." Whoops.

It was hard forcing myself to stay inside and paint away when it was 60 degrees and sunny! But it wasn't too hard when I popped in "The Help" and distracted myself with all things southern. I am really excited that it's warming up, especially with Easter weekend coming up, and seeing things become more green and begin to blossom. It really is a sweet reminder of our Savior's resurrection which makes me so excited for Easter Sunday.

I guess you can say hard work pays off, and surprisingly this is the first time I have gotten on my computer today and it's 8:30 at night. Do you know how big of a deal that is? I need to lay off the computer time because today was proof with how much I can get done, how much more I lived, and how much happier I was today and felt so productive. I was able to finish my painting in no time because I had little distractions and the reward for doing so... yes, I laid out in my backyard wearing yes, my swimsuit in Utah during the month of March. And no, I didn't really glue myself to my phone, instead, I read about five chapters in my book (hallelujah) and snacked on my new favorite citrus, tangelos, which you can imagine by the name is a mix of an orange and a tangerine and by golly, it was sweeter than candy!

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