baby kojo.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

when i was in ghana, africa summer of 2009 i spent a lot of my time visiting an orphanage two hours away from accra. this orphanage was one of my favorite places to go to. i met so many sweet friends and found myself the happiest i have ever been while being with them. we found out about this orphanage through my friend tyler who was on the trip with me. tylers family friends in utah have been going to papers for years to adopt a baby boy at this specific orphanage. the process was very long and tiring for the couple, especially since they had never been able to visit or see baby kojo.
with that said, tyler and I, as well as a couple of our other friends were given the privilage to meet baby kojo for this family. i think we all fell in love with kojo at first glance while pulling up in the tro tro. i kind of wanted kojo all to myself.
we were all a little concerned for kojo.
he didn't look very healthy.
his eyes were droopy and filled with flies,
he had very little energy,
he seemed weak and looked younger
in age than what he really was.
despite this, he was the sweetest boy.
he never said a word.
he would just focus on you and only you.
you could tell he was desperate for attention and love.

a couple of weeks ago, kojo headed home with his new parents to the united states. i have yet to visit baby kojo but tyler has. tyler mentioned kojo's mom amy is very good about telling kojo where he came from and who he is. kojo is a completely different boy. he smiles constantly. im sure it's the most contagious smile out there. he has so much energy, maybe too much, and he is just simply happy.
tyler mentioned how the whole day before he showed up, amy constantly showed pictures of tyler holding kojo at the orphanage so that kojo could remember and understand who tyler was.
sure enough, when tyler arrived kojo ran straight for tyler, called him by name, jumped on him and gave him the tightest hug ever.
this kind of makes me want to cry a bit.
okay, this just makes me want to weep.
sometimes i like to believe this is how it will all play out
when we meet our savior in heaven.
the whole thought of it is beautiful.
i love how life plays out. stories like this really humble me.
and im on the edge of my seat to see baby kojo again.
little does he know that he changed my life a bit
and at such a young age.
life is just beautiful. that's all really.
and don't be surprised if you see a baby ghanaian
in my future family christmas card.

love you baby kojo.

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