Thursday, September 23, 2010

im really, extremely happy.
overall, despite my love life.
but i am. i find myself smiling a lot. at little things.
i laugh. a lot. over little things too which tells me im happy.
or just loopy.
but im happy because im in my zone. my element.
i think i've figured school out, and though it may be a little longer till the cap & gown,
i see the light at the end of the tunnel.
and im going to go back to basics and study what i love to do.
oil painting.
i have a great group of girlfriends. for the first time, i have friends that are girls. and i don't get sick of them. i dont fight with them. i just can't get enough of them. and they are what make me really happy these days. im just really happy. for little reasons that end up making my over all life just really happy.
i can't help but repeat the word, "happy."
because im just that.



Sera Pie said...

Being happy is the best feeling. :)

Cute blog!

Ash & JD said...

EXCUSE ME. I am a girl and I have ALWAYS been your friend. Dare I say best friend.

Nicole said...

I love you rach! :)

kristi neil said...

i love this post. it makes me so happy. i am so happy you figured things out. you're the best. love you so much!

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