"i hate it, but i love it."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

so check it.
while back in england this past summer, i was complaining to my dad how i had to buy a new gym membership but i was dreading having to pay the something extra deposit just to do so. then my dad made a good point saying it's not even worth paying all that when i'll rarely go. though i wish he was false on this point he made, he is most likely correct. i hate the gym. i hate getting myself to drive there, i hate running next to the girl with her hair done, makeup caked on her canvas and earrings in. i could care less for the body builders and their muscle milk. i just don't do it. why? because i end up people watching instead and finding myself throughly entertained.

so my dad made a deal.
now when my dad makes deals, they are hardcore. you kind of have to give yourself time to step back and think if you really want to get yourself into whatever he's offering you. it's life or death. im pretty sure i just signed up to torture myself.
my dad so graciously bought me p90x.
im thinking, wow dad, that was really nice and generous of you! i'll just whip that dvd in whenever i feel! yeaaahhh riiggght i will.
according to brian k. robbins, i'll be dishing that dvd into the tv 6 days a week.
i'll be filling out my p90x calendar & chart 6 days a week.
i'll be a slave to tony hoo-la horton 6 days a week.
i will be crying 6 days a week.
for 90 days straight.

the due date to this suicide math equation is december 21, 2010.

and if i fail to succeed, i owe my dad every penny he paid for mr. horton to do work.
and im left with the body i began with, munching on big macs, downing cafe rio 3 nights a week, making a taco bell run right after my arby's run, gnawing on taffy & cow tails like a mule...
nom nom nom

get this.
it's day 15 with tony horton.
i haven't missed a day.
i havent chowed down like i use to.
i am in the zone.
my dad will be proud
brad masters will wet himself
(he bet me coldplay concert tickets. chum.)
and my brother-in-law jake will pay up that 50 buck.

i'll keep you all posted if i have died yet.
p.s. plyometrics are of the devil
and tony horton is my new best friend.

p90x man.
"i hate it, but i love it."
macho woman.

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Brady and Brittany said...

wait. I just got inspired to do P90X! I want to do it!

this might tickle your fancy

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