j. mayer.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

last minute i bought some golden tickets to the john mayer concert. im usually very picky about what concerts i spend my money on. ive been to some pretty epic concerts such as
U2. Celine Dion. Coldplay. Josh Groban.
i just really would like a concert that makes me a little emotional. all of the above either made me shed a tear or almost wet myself.
so j. mayer was a last minute purchase. it sounded like a good time: great company, smooth jams, and an outdoor amphitheater, summertime weather, mmmyeaah
why not?
j. mayer pulled off a great show. though it was very low key, it was entertaining. didn't make me cry or tinkle but he convinced me of his talent.
the sound of his guitar is out of this world.

although i will say. i think the best part of the night was the jam session that occured on the drive home. u2, mj and ingrid michaelson made our world go round. im pretty sure i lost my voice. in-n-out shake fixed that glitch.
gracious robby em and jt for the party.

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Brady and Brittany said...

love your hair!!!!! I want it!

this might tickle your fancy

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