wedding fever ch-ch.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i cant stop this fever i have. im hungry for weddings.
i just want to attend one, with a dance floor and some jams & great company and get buck wild. im pretty sure ryan southwell teased me more then he knows with this preview of his latest project.

yikes. im going to be antsy until this baby is ready in action.
i think i've grown an obsession for mr. southwell's work.
what is going on here? how on earth can one person be this good at capturing moments?
cheers to you mr. southwell. i cant wait for my dreamboat and & i to be your muse.


Ryan Southwell said...

Thanks for the post. When you're ready, drop me a line. Looks like you'd be a lot of fun to go do a shoot with. We just need the people now right? Anyway, I'm at whenever. I'm with you, I would way rather film an awesome party than a bunch of dramatic kissing so this little teaser was a lot of fun.Thanks.
Ryan Southwell

Rachel said...

dear ryan southwell,
i will keep you posted on my love life so i can give you the opportunity to throw you another sha-bang. thanks for the comment on the blog! Im always catching up on your work! see ya!

Rachel Robbins

this might tickle your fancy

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