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Friday, October 1, 2010

i always catch myself saying, "my goodness, if only i had a little sister or brother..." i love being the youngest, don't get me wrong. but i would really love to baby a little one. squeeze their cheeks, beat em' up a bit like jenna did to me. i dont know, just have someone else to check up on other than myself.

but it's okay because even though i technically don't have a little one, i've got a bundle of kiddie cousins who i'm very close to and im thankful for. they really make me happy. i think each and every single one of them are crack ups. i love watching them grow and experience life. i love to be a part of their lives and even though im 10 something years older than most of them, i love how we still act on the same level and have a really good time.

so i can't complain because i have it really good. i mean really good. i talk to my cousin ash about this all of the time and we can't get over how blessed we are with such a great family. extended and all. we love how close we are with each other. im just really lucky and blessed to be placed with these peeps of mine.
i sure do love them all. especially the little punk ones.

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