wassup from apt. 301.

Monday, September 13, 2010

dear family and friends,
i thought i would give you the update of my new abode.
we like to categorize our sweet little place under the word "bootleg."
after some door knocking and neighbor hopping we've come to the conclusion that my sistas and i have gotten a little gypped. even our landlord markie mark said,
"you guys are paying way to much for this place."
i think mark hates us.
we call him every day on the dot at every hour reminding him of what needs to be fixed and that another minor detail in 301 is a little bent outta shape.
you see, i found "the morning after" pill called "plan b" between my mattresses while rearranging my room. we've now names our internet "plan b." bras and panties were discovered behind numerous furniture pieces. all of our lights have burned out. our vacuum stop breathing. the leg of our kitchen table snapped. the handle of our dishwasher is jammed. our water looks like milk. we got locked INSIDE of 301 due to knob malfunctions. even my men couldn't open the door. our couch is from 1963. you get the idea.
our bootleg love nest is kind of humorous to us.
we're actually enjoying not living in such a glamourous place. it adds a little adventure to the new school year and gives us something to talk about.
301 is kind of growing on us.
so cheers to you avenues 301,
may you continue to outdate yourself.

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